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The Journey is the Destination

As we begin our journey into the New Year, we are reminded of a quote by Dan Eldon, “The journey is the destination” - a very succinct way of saying that the purpose of getting somewhere isn’t just to arrive, but it is also the journey we take to get there. I never cease to marvel that the God who created the universe, leads us on a journey of intimate relationship, how the One who knows the stars by name, has our name written on His hand, that the One in whose image we are created, is patiently redeeming us and restoring us as His perfect Bride, the Body of Messiah.

Sometimes we journey alone for a time, but most often we travel alongside others. Some are obvious friends and encouragers, while others are more like ‘iron sharpeners’ and polishing cloths, helping to rub off rough edges and buff up parts that don’t reflect Yeshua so well!  Whatever the case, our journey is together and together we move forward, growing and learning, building and discovering, becoming the destination to…

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