26 February 2011

VIP = Very Important Prayer

VIP Room Tel Aviv - Jaffa
  Located on the 12th floor of a central city tower block, a lease was taken on a large room with views that survey the city.  On the 20th February 2011 the VIP Room was officially opened; a new ‘House of Prayer’ in Tel Aviv - Jaffa!

Many people have spent many hours praying over this city - some pioneering prayer rooms and prayer houses, all sowing into the ground with their tears and intercessions.  The VIP Room is a continuation of these prayer centres, built on the foundations others laid and dedicated as an altar to the Lord. Avi & Chaya Mizrachi, pastors of Adonai Roi Congregation, took a vision God gave them to make a special place, set aside as an altar and a platform from which to intercede for the city.
20-30 Pastors and leaders from the city and from around the country, Jewish, Arab and other backgrounds, came together expressly to dedicate the VIP Room and to ask God to invade Tel Aviv - Jaffa with His presence, to see souls won for the Kingdom and lives changed and healed in this city.  YPMP also had the privilege of attending this dedication.  There was a wonderful flow and deep unity between the national leaders who came. The lighting of the seven candles of the menorah by seven different pastors who each prayed as they took part in this symbolic act, was especially moving.

This week, in another city, YPMP heard that over 200 people will be gathering for a ‘legal’ demonstration in front of

14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from Your People My People! 
We want to share this beautiful Hebrew worship song with you -  "Ezo min ahavah zot?" (What kind of love is this?) 
Lyrics in Hebrew and English.

07 February 2011

40% of children in Israel are at risk of living in poverty

Statistics published by Israel's Bureau of Statistics (ICBS) state that almost a third of the Israeli population (29%) are in danger of living in poverty. This figure compares to a European average of 16%. The report also comments on the fact that only 53% of the adult population are able to cover their household expenses each month. (food, electricity, telephone etc.)

The report was released on the International Day of War on Poverty to highlight socioeconomic change within Israeli society.

Receiving a food bag from Agape
- Children and the elderly are reported as being most at risk. 

- 40% of children in Israel are at risk of living in poverty and the rate of young people missing meals for economic reasons rose by 7% in 4 years.

- A third of Israel’s elderly are at risk.

- 17% of the 52% of adults needing medical attention in Israel, did not seek the medical treatment they needed because of financial difficulty. 

Some of these ‘at risk’ families and elderly are directed by social services to Agape Distribution Center. Managed by Avi Mizrachi and a dedicated staff, Agape seeks to

04 February 2011

Prayer Alert: Inside Perspective from Christians in Cairo

In light of Israel's geographical proximity to disturbing events in the Middle East and North Africa, Your People My People felt it pertinent to share some eyewitness accounts from Egyptian Christians on the streets of Cairo that describe a different picture from what some of the world-wide media has been portraying so far.  Please join with the Egyptians in praying for their nation:

Email excerpt from Tom Craig of Lighthouse Network, working with believers all across the Middle East:

“Now that the internet is working again in Egypt we are receiving many emails from our Egyptian friends. Praise the Lord! Through each of these communications there seems to be a common "cry in their hearts" for the Lord to intervene on behalf of their nation—especially tomorrow (Fri  4th Feb) during the large protest that is being planned, which is being called "The Day of Rage" or "The Day of Departure" (for Mubarak) after the Friday prayer time for Muslims.

Generally, the believers we know are doing well. They are feeling more and more united in their prayers for the nation of Egypt—though at the same time they are very concerned for how everything is moving so quickly towards forcing the removal of Mubarak from his office without an adequate transition process being agreed upon."

Email from R , an Egyptian believer living in Cairo who is witnessing events first hand:

Israel's neighbourhood is getting more dangerous by the day.

I am writing this to you as a witness to what is going on from the streets of Cairo over the last few days.

02 February 2011

7 Countries and Counting

Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Sudan and Yemen. For any of you who have turned on the news recently, no doubt you have seen the turmoil occurring in several nations in North Africa and the Middle East. Along with the riots, looting, and protests, rockets continue to be fired into southern Israel from Gaza, adding to the tensions in the area.

The mood in Israel is pensive. People are waiting to see what results come from the riots, cabinet sackings and deposings of heads of State. For many years Egypt has paved the way for tolerant relationships with the Jewish State, as her posture towards Israel also served to restrain other Arab nations. The likelihood of increased terror attacks and open war increases dramatically if certain terror factions take control of Israel’s neighbours, as they have done in Lebanon.

Some Christians are saying this is what is spoken of in Isaiah 19 and revival is coming, while others are declaring it is God's judgement and predict dire outcomes. There are believers in these nations that need our support through prayer. God is more than able to use such events for the expansion of His Kingdom. Whatever our different opinions about these happenings, perhaps this is something we can all agree on - let's pray!