23 November 2011

A Warm and Cosy New Year

Blessing the Poor in Tel Aviv

The evening of September 28th marked the beginning of the Jewish New Year 5772, Rosh HaShanah (Feast of Trumpets).  Amidst the festive celebrations and wishes for a sweet new year, many people exchanged small gifts. The poor of Tel Aviv were not neglected as Agape Distribution Centre, a local humanitarian aid project, blessed many needy families with gifts for the Rosh Hashanah Holiday.

Each family received warm blankets. With winter approaching, these blankets will provide many individuals and families with warmth in the cold months ahead.   In addition to the blankets, Agape also provided families with

17 November 2011

Coalition of Love

Boris and Zinaida are Holocaust Survivors.

They were just children in the Ukraine during World War II when the extermination of the Jewish people was high on Hitler's agenda.  But they survived.

Boris escaped the persecution by fleeing to Kazakhstan.  Zinaida survived by hiding out in the forest with other children.  They would dodge Nazi bullets and get frostbite in their hands and feet during the freezing winters.  Eventually, an elderly Christian lady took Zinaida in saying, "I'm not afraid if they kill me for this as I'm already old and I have lived a good life."

When Zinaida was older, she fell and broke her leg. Because she was Jewish, the staff at the hospital did not attend to her correctly, causing long term damage. Today Zinaida is bedridden.  Because her leg was not set correctly all those many years ago, sadly she can no longer move around.  She also suffers pain in her hands and feet because of the frostbite she experienced over several winters hiding in the forest.

Boris and Zinaida fled to Israel to escape more Jewish persecution in Europe, leaving

06 November 2011

Real unity among Arab and Jewish Believers as they pray for the Land of Israel

Real unity and hope is birthed when people from different backgrounds come together to worship and pray together. Be encouraged by this video of Jewish and Arab believers in Jesus meeting together in Nazareth to pray for their nation. 

In the words of one of the Arab Pastors: "Our Jewish brothers, we want to serve you, we love you. We want to obey the Lord's command in this passage. We as Arab ministers in this land are humbled if you allow us to come and wash your feet and to proclaim how much we love you and that we want to be in a strong relationship with you and to declare how much we need each other."

...that they may all be one just as we are one. (The Gospel of John, chapter 17: verse 11)