25 February 2012

Time Is Running Out

Your People My People is proud to be partnered with Helping Hand Coalition, an organisation founded and run by Israeli believers.  They are doing a wonderful work in Israel, ministering hope and help in many practical ways to Holocaust Survivors around the country.  Please enjoy the moving video below, highlighting some of the people they meet every day.

If you would like to partner with HHC too, please use the 'Donate Online' link at the top right corner and write 'HHC' in the notes section of the form.

18 February 2012

Whatever Your Hand Finds To Do?

Your People My People is passionate about supporting Israelis who want to see their nation won to Jesus.  So we were excited when we read an update from Dugit, sharing about some of the creative ways this Outreach Centre is reaching out to the people of Tel Aviv with the gospel. 

Upon being hired, Dugit’s Outreach Director said that he desired to integrate the arts and music even more into their outreach ministry, showcasing the creative gifts that God has given individuals and using them as tools for evangelism.  So in recent months, Dugit has held more ‘Dugit Live’ events, featuring these artists up close and personal.  Those who have performed include Israeli and foreign musicians, a professionally trained opera singer, duelling violinists, artistic mission teams from Hawaii and California, and a famous ex-guru, Rabindranath Maharaj, who came to faith by calling on the name of Jesus in two life threatening situations.

11 February 2012

Hope Out of Nazareth

In the biblical town of Nazareth, a new hope is arising. Young men and women are gathering to pray; expecting God to move in the towns and cities of Israel - expecting to see His glory as He restores, heals and revives His ancient land. 
These prayer warriors have been gathering regularly at HOPE, a Christian ministry and training centre, founded by Rania Sayegh to raise up, equip, and mobilize prayer warriors in Nazareth and all over Israel.
"We are so excited about what the Lord is doing in the region as He is raising up intercessors and warriors to stand in the gap for their cities. For the first time in the history of Nazareth there has been continuous 24 hours of prayer to the heavens over Nazareth."
This ministry has recently initiated two 24 hour prayer watches and are hoping to hold a 24 hour prayer gathering every month. 22 youth were involved, 11 of them have been receiving music training at HOPE and were able to use their gifts to lead times of worship and prayer during the event. God is raising up prayer warriors among the young people to cry out for their nation.
The name of the ministry is an acronym of House Of Prayer and Exploits. Rania's vision is to train believers in Israel, both Arab and Jewish, to become intercessors and

04 February 2012

Israeli Brings Gospel Back To Britain

What a surprise to find a young, Jewish, Israeli believer sharing the Gospel with the multi-cultural residents of Birmingham. Your People My People founders, Karen Gower and Amanda Harris, had the pleasure of meeting Eyal, who is completing a programme of study and outreach training in the Midlands. Eyal, with a team of fired-up young people, has been out on the streets, challenging the local English populous with the Word of God. 

Gospel Book Table
As part of this international training programme, students team up with local churches to reach out to different people groups in the area. Using drama, door to door, book tables, and much joy and enthusiasm, Eyal explained that they had had many good conversations and people had taken free books home to read further.  "I was really blessed by the reactions of the people after they saw the drama. There is no doubt that God is working in the hearts of the people here in England."