22 June 2013

3 Keys To Praying For Israel

1. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem:

Pray for the physical protection of the Jewish people. The Bible records several everlasting promises that God made to the people of Israel. Throughout history, God's enemies have tried to wipe out this people group and in so doing discredit God's promises and make God out to be a liar. We know that the God of Israel is true to his word and for his name's sake will keep his promises to the descendants of Abraham. Pray for protection from Israel's enemies: from the neighbouring countries that plot against it and from enemies within who strike at the heart of the nation with terror attacks.
"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels. For the sake of my family and friends, I will say, “Peace be within you.” For the sake of the house of the Lord our God,  I will seek your prosperity." Psalm 122:6-9

2. Pray for the Salvation of the Jewish and Arab population in Israel:

As Jewish and Arab people come to faith in Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah, the walls of separation are broken down. True peace in the Middle East is only possible through the revelation of the Prince of Peace. Jew and Gentile are reconciled through the work of the Messiah.

08 June 2013

To Console Those Who Mourn In Zion: a ministry to the survivors of acts of terror.

For one Israeli mother, a personal encounter with terrorism became the catalyst for the establishment of a ministry to help other victims of terror.

Ahuva's* son was in the centre of Jerusalem having Pizza with friends in the crowded 'Sbarro' restaurant when a Hamas suicide bomber entered and blew himself up.  Ahuva answered the phone to hear her son crying "Mum, it's raining blood!" She screamed at him to get out of there, then the phone went dead. All of his friends were killed ... they attended too many funerals in the following days. In total, 15 people were killed and a further 130 were physically injured not to mention the many hundreds emotionally scarred by the trauma.

A few years earlier, Ahuva's* elder son had been lynched by a group of Palestinians while completing his compulsory army service and beaten almost to death - he was 19 years old. The story was given a lot of  attention in the Israeli  media as video of the lone soldier being beaten by the angry mob was broadcast across the nation. The soldier was criticized for not fighting back and the subject was much debated. People began to call the soldier's mother and Ahuva* found herself an impromptu spokeswoman for victims of terror.

01 June 2013

Shmuel Salway in the UK

 This year we have the pleasure of hosting native born Israeli pastor, Shmuel Salway, when he comes to speak here in the UK:

Shmuel, the Associate Pastor of Adonai Roi (The Lord is My Shepherd) Congregation, was born in Tel Aviv to Jewish parents who had immigrated to Israel from India. He attended a Messianic Congregation for much of his childhood, and became serious about his own faith when he was 15 and decided to give his life to the Lord.

After graduating from high school, he served as a combat medic in the Israeli army on the Golan Heights and in Lebanon. Later, while majoring in geography at Tel Aviv University, Shmuel was drawn to serving in summer camps with a strong aspiration to reach out to teens; knowing how important it is for this age group to have someone to challenge them in the Lord.

After working for several years in security for El Al (Israeli Airlines) and the Israeli Consulate in New York, Shmuel returned to Israel and began attending Adonai Roi Congregation in the spring of 2003. By autumn, He was invited to become the Youth Pastor, and soon after became the Personal Assistant to Pastor Avi Mizrachi.

Through meetings with other youth leaders from different congregations around Israel, Shmuel met Suzie who is also a native-born Israeli. In 2006 they married and currently have two children: Shaked (daughter) and Gefen (son). They continue to lead young believers and are part of the leadership of an organization called Neged Hazerem (Against the Flow) gathering the youth of multiple congregations together for weekly events. They are also actively involved in Katzir (The Harvest) organizing nationwide youth camps.

Shmuel is currently the Associate Pastor of Adonai Roi Congregation and Youth Director, and continues to work in the office as an Executive Manager. 


Fri 7th June  7:30pm - Beit HaTikvah Fellowship: ‘Upper Room’, St Paul’s Church, St Paul’s Rd, Rock Ferry, Wirral, CH42 3UZ

Sat 8th June 10:30am - Sulam Ya’acov: Methodist Community Hall, Heaton Park, 275 Bury Old Rd, Heaton Park, Prestwich, Manchester M25 1JA

Sun 9th June 10:30am - Elim Pentecostal Church: Thomas St, Holyhead, LL65 1RR

Sun 9th June 6:00pm - Oasis Christian Centre: Byrn Rd, Cefn Fforest, Blackwood, Gwent, NP12 3LY

Fri 14th June 7:00pm - Bible Hall Fellowship: Cnr Mere Rd/Donnington St, Leicester, LE5 5GR

Sat 15th June 10:30am - Manoah Mesianic Fellowship & Prayer for Israel: Welton Village Hall, Welton, LN2 3LU