28 September 2013

Israeli Youth: Destined to be Kingdom Shakers

"You are the hope of Israel! You have a destiny to be Kingdom shakers as the Lord releases his power", said Rania, a prophetic intercessor and mentor to young people in Nazareth.

"Don't be a generation that only seeks God with your lips - don't let your hearts be far away from God!' exhorted another speaker, "We need to live our lives as living sacrifices."

Powerful words and inspiring testimonies spoke to the young people gathered at the ELAV youth conference in Haifa, this August. Traveling from all over Israel and even from the Palestinian Territories, young people came to ELAV to worship, to pray, to learn and to grow deeper in their faith.

Scattered all over Israel, many of the youth don't have much opportunity to connect with other believers who are their own age. ELAV is an opportunity to make new friends and strengthen old ones.  It is also an opportunity to get to know believers from different backgrounds and experiences. Youth from Palestinian controlled territories meet believers from Jewish backgrounds, often for the first time, and walls are broken down.

From the stage, Jewish, Arab and International musicians lead worship in Hebrew, Arabic and English. "It was amazing to be there, so much joy" said one attendee. The front area of the hall, by the stage was packed with young people jumping and praising - celebrating their faith in Messiah Yeshua together. From moments of exuberant joy to reflective times on their knees, these kids were worshiping God with all their hearts.

21 September 2013

Loving back to Life

'AHAVA' - love
Your People My People partners with a Jerusalem based ministry that supports and encourages victims of terror and their families.  Ahuva*, who leads and runs this organisation, has invested many years reaching out to those who are working through this kind of trauma.  Having family members who have experienced terror attacks first hand, currently she has developed a focus on women, particularly mothers who have greatly needed the kind of love and support being offered. 

“Our summer has been a full calendar”, shares Ahuva.  “And we are taking a group of around 12 ladies away for some time out, to love on them and treat them kindly in ways they are not usually used to.  We show them the ongoing kindness and love of our Father, a King who is passionate to lavish the goodness of His Face upon  them.”

The group leaves early morning for a two day trip, treating the ladies to full spa treatments, a guided tour of the area in the evening, a chocolate workshop the following morning...and then home, late evening at the end of the second day.   Ahuva specifically requests that we remember to pray for them during these trips.  “These may sound like ‘easy’ trips but  it can often be an intense time when we are away together and dynamics can occur where ‘war’ breaks out!  We do , however see the huge difference between this group a year ago and today. They have in general become a cohesive caring group, who look out for one another and are familiar and comfortable with working together not just for the good of the individual but the group as a whole.”

07 September 2013

Celebrate Sukkot - The Feast of Tabernacles


A Sukah is a temporary hut constructed for the week-long Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot.

Remember how the Lord led Israel out of Egypt on the way to the promised land. As they lived in tents/temporary shelters, God was faithful to provide for all their needs.


A Sukah needs to be a make-shift shelter, a rough shack built by hand but big enough for all the family to sit inside. Let your imagination lead you! You could use beanpoles for the corners or nail together a simple frame. The walls could be made of old blankets, decorative fabric, plywood, cardboard or whatever you can find. The roof should be lightly covered so you can still see the stars. In Israel, many people use palm branches but a wooden trellis covered over with leafy branches or bamboo matting works well.