27 December 2013

“Calling All Budding Film-makers!”

We have  a project for you - we want you to make movies!  We want you to help make a record of history!  In today’s technological society, anyone can become a ‘film maker’.  Social media networks are full of digital clips from everyday lives.  Imagine if this kind of instant technology was available much earlier, centuries, even millennia before today!  We could have the entire history of the human race recorded for posterity - perhaps definitive evidence of who said this and did that, and who didn't!  Can you imagine a hidden camera during Noah’s ark construction, or some of Abraham’s conversations with God, or Jacob’s shenanigans?  To witness the exodus, King David’s coronation or King Solomon’s grand opening of the temple - I'm guessing the old Hollywood blockbusters would pale in comparison to the actual event!

However, in this digital world we live in, we can’t go back in time with our cell phone cameras and recapture moments of even our own childhood.  Instead we rely on pictures, stories told by our family and friends, and our own personal catalogue of memories - some we may care to forget and others we love to remember over and over.  Recalling our personal history is important to help us know where we have come from, why we are the way we are, and hopefully to help us move forward without repeating some of our more ‘infamous’ moments!

And the same is true for history in general.  Remembering history seems to be a key to not repeating its catastrophes.  We just need to check out Israel’s history in the Bible to see the example of this written out for us: their enslavement in Egypt was because the Egyptians forgot about Joseph; Judges came and went, as did Kings and prophets, while turn about, the people forgot God’s miracles in their history, had disaster come upon them, God sent a deliverer, and slowly the people forgot once again...and so on.  But God has a remedy for this cycle: Deut 11:18-21 - in context: “Remember your history!!”

But what if your friends, your family, began to say your history, certain events in your life never happened?  You may have memories, pictures, or even other physical evidence, but all this was overlooked.  You are told these things are fabricated and this part of your life never existed! 

20 December 2013

A Cry From The Heart Of Nazareth

Jewish and Arab believers praying for each other in Nazareth

Arab and Jewish Israeli believers in Yeshua (Jesus) came together in the city of Nazareth to pray in unity for their Nation. This strategic prayer gathering organised by ‘HOPE (House of Prayer and Exploits) and ‘The Convention of Evangelical Churches in Israel’ has become an annual event, and this year took place in September. Joining the Jewish and Arab locals were believers from 15 nations, including representatives from the Chinese underground church movement.

The meeting began with the blowing of four silver trumpets to the four corners of the earth. Worship was led in Arabic, Hebrew and English. There was much joy and dancing as well as intercession for Israel and the Arab and Jewish people groups.

06 December 2013

Stone Breakers in Tel Aviv

“Golden curtains surround you, a huge map of the world hangs behind you, and windows sit in front of you overlooking the bustling city of Tel Aviv. Glorious songs of worship and praise lift you up, the smell of candles burning from the menorah draws you into His Presence, and the Word of the Lord, always open, sits before you to declare like a sharp sword. You lift your hands in the air as tears stream down your cheeks. You are crying out for the Peace of Jerusalem, the salvation of the Jewish people, and for the Army of God in Israel to unite and bring in the harvest for the Kingdom of God. This is the VIP Prayer Tower, where we stand in the gap for Israel and its people.”

The VIP Prayer Tower is a house of prayer overlooking downtown Tel Aviv, run under the ministry of Avi and Chaya Mizrachi.  It is a place solely dedicated to meeting with the Lord in worship and intercession.