29 June 2016

Crowned For A Purpose.... Part 2

Last month, we wrote about 'For Such A Time As This...',  an amazing conference for Arab Christian women in the north of Israel. In Part 2, we share more testimonies from the women who attended:

In March, Your People My People, joined around 80 Arab Christian women leaders for a conference in the north of Israel entitled, 'For Such A Time As This...', through worship, teaching, prophetic acts and prayer ministry, the women were encouraged and inspired to step up into their destiny as change-makers, for such a time as this.

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"The HOPE staff, the local Arab women of the land and I are so grateful to our global family!", shared Rania Sayegh, the organiser of the conference, "Without your prayer support and generosity, we wouldn't be able to witness His plans and the desire of His heart manifest among our women in His land. Truly!!... This gathering of women was an unprecedented time in the presence of the Lord, and it was a time of powerful encounters with His heart and the fire of His love!" 

Arab women leaders from different regions in Israel were personally invited to attended this strategic conference. They were joined by a ministry team of international leaders with a heart to bless women and release them into their calling. Two Messianic Jewish 'mothers of Israel', Chaya Mizrachi and Rachel Boskey, joined the ministry team to pray for and bless their Arab sisters. 

"The speakers and the personal ministry times were an incredible blessing to all the women. The unity that the Lord formed among us as we sought His face together in prayer, sharing hearts, and fellowship for two days prior to the conference became like a battering ram, releasing the power needed for the breakthrough," continued Rania, "The Lord surprised us with the revelations and instructions He gave, with the intention for us to follow His heart into what He wanted to accomplish in this strategic time around the feast of Purim. The Lord's desire was to raise up an army of Arab women who would embrace their destiny and possess the land, as they partner with Him through intercessory prayer and serve Him as laborers in the harvest. The Lord began to speak to me about the His desire to crown the women as His royalty and His warrior bride. Our Norwegian sisters felt to bring the crowns from Norway, so they purchased seven crowns to be used during the crowning ceremony." [read about the crowning ceremony in "Crowned for a Purpose: Part 1 CLICK HERE ]

"As we continued to seek the Lord further, prior to conference, He spoke about the overcomer's anointing mentioned in Revelations 2:17, where the Lord promises to give those who overcome a white stone with a new name written on it. He instructed me, along with the HOPE team, to prepare 90 white stones for this conference, all to be engraved with new names. What a joy it was to seek the heart of God for these names, which we in turn had engraved on 90 white stones. Each name represented destiny and calling."
White stones engraved with new names and scriptures

"The joy was the opportunity to witness as each woman chose a stone, during the crowning & anointing ceremony carried out by the ministry team. As stated earlier, the Lord wanted to crown the women with His glory and position them as His royal priesthood, so they would rise up as Esther's in the land of Israel to begin to move as an intercessory power." shared Rania.

Watch this emotional testimony from the 'For Such A Time'
conference by Arab Christian, 
Lily Shihadeh : CLICK HERE
Watch Messianic Jewish leader Chaya Mizrachi share a testimony
from the 'For Such A Time' conference 
On the last day of the conference, the HOPE team felt led to declare God's Kingship over the Land of Israel. Through the shedding of many tears the women had experienced the acceptance of the King and the affirming of their identity and position in Him, as each one received a symbolic crown. Now, those crowns would be laid down in intercession for God's plans and purposes to reign over His Land. HOPE prepared 12 white stones, engraved with names of blessing for the Land from Isaiah 62. 

"We were instructed by the Lord to prepare 12 white stones," shared Rania, "which were going to be used by the Arab women leaders to build an altar for Him as a sign and decree in the heavens that we break curses spoken over our land and choose to agree with God's heart over our land and its future destiny.  During the time of crowning the land, we experienced such a powerful

17 June 2016

Get ready, be prepared, watch...

Israeli Messianic Pastor, Avi Mizrachi, recently recalled a dream in which he found himself attending a conference in Israel where many Godly men and women were worshiping together. "When the worship ended, there was silence," he explained,  "The Lord spoke to me to get up and give a prophetic word, I hesitated at first, but I could not keep it to myself, so I stood up and spoke saying,  'Get ready, be prepared, watch and see what I the Lord am ready to do beyond your vast imagination.  Again I say, be prepared, the floods are coming, the harvest is ready.'

"Shortly after the dream, I woke up and turned on the light next to my bed.  I looked at the clock and it was exactly 6am.  What is interesting is that the night before I had set my alarm for 6am exactly, but for some reason the alarm did not go off.  I took this as a message from the Holy Spirit to not trust in mechanical things but rather trust in the Lord."

"The important thing was that it was time for me to wake up and get ready for the day.  I believe that a new day of revival is coming to Israel! This prophetic message touched me deeply because it is very personal to me. Over 30 years ago after I received Yeshua in my heart, at that time God gave me a burden for my people like the Apostle Paul writes in His letter to the Romans:  'Brothers and sisters, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved.' Romans 10:1

"Over these 30 years my family and I have laboured faithfully in the harvest field of Tel Aviv.  We have had seasons of great growth and excitement and seasons of trial and tribulation.  This dream was a great encouragement to me because I believe the Lord is calling out to us: 'Get ready, prepare for I am getting ready to move, the flood of my spirit is coming, the harvest is ready.'

Avi believes that this was a wake up call to prioritize and focus on prayer and worship to prepare the way of the Lord and on outreach and evangelism as a means of seeing his Spirit move among people as the harvest is gathered.

Let's join with Avi as he prays for the salvation of his people. Why not set your alarm for 6am and use it as a wake up call to pray for the harvest in Israel!

CLICK HERE to watch an emotional testimony of a Jewish girl who came to believe in Yeshua (Jesus) as her Messiah. "I was shocked! For two thousand years they are lying to my people!"

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