29 December 2016

8 Day Journey - DAY SEVEN

After praying for God’s light of revival to shine upon His ancient covenant people, Israeli Pastor Eitan Shishkoff came to at least one conclusion:  Israel will be changed through its youth. “Revolutions are made by the young.  Without exaggeration, I am convinced that equipping Israeli Messianic youth is one of the very best ways to bring about Israel’s end-time harvest, as pictured by the prophets of old.”

So, around fourteen years ago he started ‘Katzir’ (which means Harvest in Hebrew), a national Messianic youth ministry in Israel for teenagers from age 14 to 18 from Messianic families.  Since then, thousands of Israeli teenagers have come through the camps which take place three times every year.  Those who came to the first ones are now in their late twenties and many occupy places of ministry and key areas of service in the Messianic congregations of Israel.  Some are studying for advanced degrees in history, Jewish studies, and government.

“Their refreshing testimonies are already drawing other Israeli youth to Yeshua. Extremely few Jewish people in Israel have any concept that Yeshua is our Messiah, King and Redeemer.  To the Jewish people, Jesus looks to them like an ad for the historic Church that has no connection with them.  Yet our young people are already changing that paradigm. “



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