7 Countries and Counting

Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Sudan and Yemen. For any of you who have turned on the news recently, no doubt you have seen the turmoil occurring in several nations in North Africa and the Middle East. Along with the riots, looting, and protests, rockets continue to be fired into southern Israel from Gaza, adding to the tensions in the area.

The mood in Israel is pensive. People are waiting to see what results come from the riots, cabinet sackings and deposings of heads of State. For many years Egypt has paved the way for tolerant relationships with the Jewish State, as her posture towards Israel also served to restrain other Arab nations. The likelihood of increased terror attacks and open war increases dramatically if certain terror factions take control of Israel’s neighbours, as they have done in Lebanon.

Some Christians are saying this is what is spoken of in Isaiah 19 and revival is coming, while others are declaring it is God's judgement and predict dire outcomes. There are believers in these nations that need our support through prayer. God is more than able to use such events for the expansion of His Kingdom. Whatever our different opinions about these happenings, perhaps this is something we can all agree on - let's pray!