VIP = Very Important Prayer

VIP Room Tel Aviv - Jaffa
  Located on the 12th floor of a central city tower block, a lease was taken on a large room with views that survey the city.  On the 20th February 2011 the VIP Room was officially opened; a new ‘House of Prayer’ in Tel Aviv - Jaffa!

Many people have spent many hours praying over this city - some pioneering prayer rooms and prayer houses, all sowing into the ground with their tears and intercessions.  The VIP Room is a continuation of these prayer centres, built on the foundations others laid and dedicated as an altar to the Lord. Avi & Chaya Mizrachi, pastors of Adonai Roi Congregation, took a vision God gave them to make a special place, set aside as an altar and a platform from which to intercede for the city.
20-30 Pastors and leaders from the city and from around the country, Jewish, Arab and other backgrounds, came together expressly to dedicate the VIP Room and to ask God to invade Tel Aviv - Jaffa with His presence, to see souls won for the Kingdom and lives changed and healed in this city.  YPMP also had the privilege of attending this dedication.  There was a wonderful flow and deep unity between the national leaders who came. The lighting of the seven candles of the menorah by seven different pastors who each prayed as they took part in this symbolic act, was especially moving.

This week, in another city, YPMP heard that over 200 people will be gathering for a ‘legal’ demonstration in front of
a Jewish believer’s home, to protest against their faith in Jesus/Yeshua.  For reasons like this, unity amongst the believers here is vital, and seeing the leaders come together to dedicate the VIP Room this month was a great testimony of people putting aside doctrinal, personal or theological differences, to find a common ground on which to meet and seek the Lord together.

Please pray for the believers in Israel.  Please pray specifically for the believers this week who will be facing targeted persecution with mass demonstrations.  Pray that their hearts will not be discouraged.  Pray for the physical protection of their families and their homes and possessions.  Pray for the salvation of their neighbours who support them.  Pray for the protesters that they will have a revelation of the Father’s heart for them through Yeshua.

As we look at the big picture with so much turmoil currently in the Middle East, let’s also see the small picture of individuals who need our prayer support and individuals who need a life changing encounter with their Creator.