What happens when young Jewish and Arab followers of Jesus come together to worship God in Israel?

Walls come down and the Glory of God is shown through their love and unity!

Hundreds of Jewish and Arab young people came together in Tel Aviv last month from all over Israel to worship God and pray for their cities and their generation.  These exuberant followers of Jesus joined with young believers from the nations for the annual ELAV youth conference.  ‘Elav’ is a Hebrew word meaning ‘towards him/unto him’ and the messages and worship during this 3 day gathering encouraged and inspired the youth of Israel to get closer to God and be empowered by Him to make a difference in their nation.

Your People My People was overjoyed to witness first-hand these annual gatherings so vital to build up the youth of Israel in their walk with the Lord. Many of these young people are isolated in their faith being the only believers in their schools and communities. Gatherings like ELAV are an important opportunity for them to connect with other believers of their own age and also to make friends with believers from other communities. One Arab Christian commented that he had never met Jewish believers before and another Jewish teen expressed how great it was to be able to pray together with an Arab brother. Teaching came from local leaders and international speakers: Mike Pilavachi from Soul Survivor, England, and Wes Hall from IHOP-Kansas City, USA.  American worship leader, Eddie James, led powerful times of praise and worship and was joined by several anointed, local youth worship teams.

“ELAV 2011 was more than a conference; it was a place to transform the youth and the city of Tel Aviv. Pray with us that the Lord will continue to transform both the Body of Messiah and the Land of Israel for His Kingdom and Glory.”  said Simon, an Israeli believer and a session leader in a house of prayer in Tel Aviv.


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What happens when young Jewish and Arab believers come together to worship Jesus...to give praise "unto Him"? Walls come down and God's Glory rises as the Holy Spirit ministers to the hearts of God's people. Worship led by local Israeli worship teams and Wes Hall, from IHOP-KC, shares a message on the Tabernacle of David and how God is going to restore it through prayer and worship...

Join with hundreds of young Jewish and Arab believers praising the Messiah, Jesus from the heart of Israel. Powerful and prophetic worship with Eddie James declaring a longing for the return of Jesus to the land of his birth and an anointed message from IHOP-KC leader Wes Hall as he challenges the young believers gathered that they can change their worlds...

The ELAV conference continued, starting with praise and worship with local worship leaders Jamie Hilsden and Lior Sparandeo. Eddie James then led a powerful time of prophetic worship before Itzhak Mor-Chaim preached a message on how we are the Tabernacle of David...