1 in 2 Can't Pay Bills

A third of Israel's elderly are at risk
29% (almost a third) of the Israeli population are in danger of living in poverty, according to a report by Israel's Bureau of Statistics.

The report also comments on the fact that only 53% of the adult population are able to cover their household expenses each month. (food, electricity, telephone etc.)

- Children and the elderly are reported as being most at risk.  

- 40% of children in Israel are at risk of living in poverty and the rate of young people missing meals for economic reasons rose by 7% in 4 years.

- A third of Israel’s elderly are at risk.

- 17% of the 52% of adults needing medical attention in Israel, did not seek the medical treatment they needed because of financial difficulty. 

Some of these ‘at risk’ families and elderly are directed by social services to Agape Distribution Centre. Managed by Israeli believer, Avi Mizrachi and a dedicated staff, Agape seeks to help the poor and needy in the Tel Aviv area with food and clothing.  A warm welcome and a friendly smile greet the 70 or so families that receive help each month from this vital ministry.
The clients come from a wide spectrum of Israeli society: low income Jewish families, the elderly, new immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia, Arab Christian and Muslim families and recently refugees from Sudan.

The elderly receive help from Agape staff 
Every month each family is given a bag of essential food items and invited to browse through the shelves of good quality used clothing.  "Our vision is not just to be providers of vital supplies, although this is important,"  said Nenette, one of the staff, "but also to be vessels of ‘Agape’ love."  All the staff and volunteers are believers in Yeshua (Jesus) and aim to fulfill His commission to love your neighbour through the acts of kindness they express at Agape Distribution Centre.

Your People My People has been involved with this ministry for many years and has heard numerous testimonies from their clients about the care and respect they receive from the staff.  

Most of the Israeli holidays are celebrated with family gatherings around a large feast of special foods. It is at times like these, when Israeli society is celebrating, that poor families feel the pressure of financial lack. As often as possible, Agape Distribution Centre likes to bless the poor families that come to them with extra food for the holidays.

Agape Gift for the Holidays
The Feast of Purim (8th March 2012) is a joyful holiday, full of fun and of course special food. Agape Distribution Centre is planning to invite the families and the elderly that they help, to come and receive extra food for the holidays and also special gifts for the family. For previous holidays, the special gift packs have included expensive products like laundry detergent, shampoo and coffee, that these families often struggle to afford.

$45 / £30 / €35 will provide a special Purim gift package for one family.

If you would like provide a Purim Gift basket 
for a needy family or individual -
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