Israeli Brings Gospel Back To Britain

What a surprise to find a young, Jewish, Israeli believer sharing the Gospel with the multi-cultural residents of Birmingham. Your People My People founders, Karen Gower and Amanda Harris, had the pleasure of meeting Eyal, who is completing a programme of study and outreach training in the Midlands. Eyal, with a team of fired-up young people, has been out on the streets, challenging the local English populous with the Word of God. 

Gospel Book Table
As part of this international training programme, students team up with local churches to reach out to different people groups in the area. Using drama, door to door, book tables, and much joy and enthusiasm, Eyal explained that they had had many good conversations and people had taken free books home to read further.  "I was really blessed by the reactions of the people after they saw the drama. There is no doubt that God is working in the hearts of the people here in England." 

Your People My People is passionate about discipleship and especially the training up of Israeli believers for Kingdom work in Israel. So we were excited to see Eyal, so zealous about deepening his faith and learning new skills to equip himself to serve God in the future.  

Indigenous Messianic Congregations in Israel are very young, some of the most established ones having only been meeting for 30 years or so, and many are much younger. With few 'grandparents' in the faith to nurture younger believers, discipleship and training is vital. 

Most major cities only have one or two congregations and there are not as many opportunities for further training in the faith within Israel, as you would find in Western Countries. Messianic or Christian books and resources are also harder to come by locally. Therefore, helping believers to train overseas is important to equip the local Congregations for the future. This training is not only important in its own right, but also enables Israelis to interact with believers from other nations and to learn from different expressions of the Faith. 

Your People My People is committed to sponsoring Israelis who desire to deepen their knowledge of the Bible and to invest in practical training opportunities that will benefit the growth of the Kingdom in Israel. 

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