Encounters in the White City

Your People My People love the ministry of Dugit, a Messianic Outreach Centre in Tel Aviv.  Here is a report we recently received from them:
 “We are excited to report that Dugit is hosting more and more outreach events. We recently held another art exhibition, displaying the artwork of Avital, a Messianic Jew from Ashdod. Her daughter, Shai, entertained those in attendance with worship music while they viewed the paintings and enjoyed the free cappuccino. During the exhibition, a middle-aged non-believing man, Yosef, came in and happily accepted the free coffee. However, he soon became hostile and began cursing us. He has hardened his heart to the Gospel of Messiah. Pray with us that the scales will fall from Yosef’s eyes; that the Lord will reveal Himself to Yosef and that he may become zealous for the Lord of Lords, Yeshua the Messiah.
 At a recent Dugit Live, Shaul and Yulia’s jubilant voices along with the sweet sound of their violins overflowed into the streets of Tel Aviv. Many passers-by stopped to listen to their glorious music. We pray that the Lord may continue to use this Messianic couple’s music to speak to the hearts of our Israeli brothers and sisters.
 Dan, our Outreach Director, spoke with and prayed for various individuals throughout the month, including a religious woman who stumbled into Dugit for shelter during a massive wind storm. She stayed for some time, questioning faith in Yeshua, and left wanting to meet up again for further discussion.  She believes that faith in Yeshua as the Messiah is flawed, but she is open to hearing about the Gospel. Please pray that her heart and eyes would be opened and for her to have a personal revelation of Yeshua.”

Please remember to pray for Dugit, the staff, and the people whom they share the Gospel with.  If you would like to financially support outreach in Israel, please click the DONATE ONLINE link at the top left of the page to give now.