A Young Jewish and Arab Revolution

Hundreds of teenagers and young people coming together to worship God is, in itself, newsworthy.  But when you know that this is taking place in Israel with Jewish and Arab youth, it is time to sit up and pay attention.

ELAV youth conference takes place in Israel every year, in the city of Tel Aviv. It is all about envisioning a new generation.  'Elav' means 'towards him' in Hebrew and this weekend of worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship inspires the young attendees to live their lives passionately for God - 'towards Him'.

Jewish & Arab young people praying for each other at ELAV
Youth are invited from Israeli Jewish and Arab communities and also from the West Bank and Gaza. About 500 Jewish and 150 Arab youth attend. For some of the Palestinian youth, it is the first time they have ever met a Jewish believer and this is an opportunity to break down barriers - to pray for each other, fellowship together and make friends.


One year, 'Team Xtreme' a group of strongmen evangelists from the USA were invited to Elav. They do various power sport demonstrations to attract a crowd while sharing their faith. The organisers of the conference didn't know that one of the team members was a Palestinian, now living in America, who had been taught from childhood, to hate the Jews. During the performance, he called forward those young people who were completing their compulsory military service. In the secular world, they were enemies. He shared about his history growing up in the Palestinian territories and then shared his testimony of coming to faith in Jesus. In front of the group of uniform clad teenage soldiers, this Palestinian built up a tower of concrete blocks and then smashed them with his bare hands. Much to the shock of one of these young Israeli soldiers, the Palestinian strongman jumped down from the stage and gave the young man a big hug. He explained how the wall of hatred in his life was broken when he accepted Jesus as his Lord and now he loves the Jewish people!
Palestinian hugs Israeli soldier

Powerful testimonies like this one are shared with the youth at ELAV to encourage them to break down the barriers in their own lives and to take a step of faith. Organiser Rick Ridings said, "We want to see a revolution of people knowing Jesus, and it will change every city we come from!"

ELAV organises transport, accommodation and food for the youth that attend. It costs £150 for each particicipant, £20 of which the young people have to cover themselves. If you would like to change the life of an Israeli or Palestinian young person click the donate button below and write 'for ELAV' in the notes.


Elav organisers shared, "Our desire is to see this generation encountering the presence of God, that they would know him and become catalysts for his Kingdom coming to the earth."  If you have a desire to be part of this life changing event, click the Donation button above and help usher in this 'revolution for unity'!

ELAV 2012 takes place from 7th to 9th July. Watch these powerful videos recorded during the ELAV conferences.