Loving them into the Kingdom

Dugit Outreach Centre

Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre has welcomed volunteers for many years.  People who have a desire to come and spend time with the ministry can get involved with what the local believers are doing.  Volunteers have the opportunity to not only serve the Lord in Israel, but also get to know the culture a little, hear God’s heart for the people, and leave with a deeper understanding of how to reach them with the good news of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah!

Your People My People has been witness to, and heard many testimonies over many years at Dugit.  Recently, a Canadian nurse named Julie came to Tel Aviv and volunteered at Dugit Centre.  It was on her heart to assist, and share the Father’s love, to those in need and during her time of serving.  She was always willing to listen and pray for individuals who came into the Centre.  Julie shared that God gave her His heart for the Jewish people, and she came to tell them that the Lord still loves and cherishes them as His everlasting possession, even sending his son Yeshua to bring them back into relationship with Him.  Many Israelis have never heard this message before.  In our Western ‘Christian’ culture, the stories of Christmas and Easter are somewhat familiar with most people – but not so in Israel.  One person responded to Julie with amazement after hearing that God truly loves them. One Jewish man even mentioned that he saw a “light coming out” of Julie as she shared this with him. Another stated that her words were like honey, sweet to his ears!

"The Father himself loves you" Jn 16:27
Even though the idea of the ‘God of Israel’ is taken for granted among the Jewish people, many secular Jews do not know God as their loving Father – rather, as a God of judgement and punishment.  Because many are afraid of God, it is easier for them to relegate Him to some mystical force or energy, rather than be confronted with the possibility of facing an angry God.  As Dan, one of Dugit’s evangelists, and Julie spoke with a woman one day; she revealed that she was afraid to believe in God. “I am not, and could never be good enough,” she exclaimed!  Julie and Dan were able to pray and share with her that we can be made righteous through our faith in the Messiah. The seeds were planted and the woman left free from condemnation and with a new hope in her heart. Praise the Lord!

We don’t have to be spiritual giants in order to be effective; God will use each of the gifts that He has already given to us.  Are we willing to be who we are created to be, and simply love our brothers and sisters into the Kingdom of God?
'AHAVA'     (LOVE)