For one of the least of these...

for one of the least of these...
Over the years, Agape Distribution Centre, has helped and served hundreds of needy people in the greater Tel Aviv area. Based out of a small shop, in the centre of the city, Agape provides monthly food packages and clothing to families and individuals living below the poverty line. Every month, more than 90 families come to this facility to receive a package of essential food items and to browse racks of second-hand clothing. Agape is run by members of ‘Adonai Roi’ (The Lord is My Shepherd), congregation, a local Messianic fellowship led by Avi Mizrachi. The friendly staff aim to live out the words of Matthew 25:40: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Many of the families who come, have never met believers in Yeshua (Jesus) before and are curious to know what motivates the staff to be so kind and helpful. It is an opportunity to share about faith in the Messiah and to offer to pray for them and their situations. One man, who was very sick, received prayer and later returned full of joy because he had been healed. Another man asked for prayer for restoration in relationships with his family and was amazed when he was reconciled with his mother after several years of not speaking. After receiving practical help and prayer, many of the people are open to take home Bibles for their families and to read more about the Messiah who cares.

Extra gifts for the holidays
During the Jewish feasts and holidays Agape also gives out extra “baskets of love” which include special items (shampoo, detergent , liquid soap, deodorant, and other toiletries, coffee, tea, holiday food, brand new socks, underwear, clothes etc.)

Recently, staff also went to a park in the south of Tel Aviv and fed over 100 homeless refugees from Sudan.

“We are thankful to God that we can meet their needs in a practical way, showing them the love of Yeshua through our actions, prayers and kindness.” said Avi Mizrachi

Agape receives some regular sponsorship but needs to raise an extra £3,200 each month to cover all the expenses. Your People My People would like to help Agape with their vision to express the love of Yeshua (Jesus) to those in need. If 100 people pledged £32 per month - Agape can continue to reach out to the poor and needy in Tel Aviv.

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