Israel Report 2012

Adonai Roi praying for the situation in Israel
It's not everyday that during the weekly worship service, you are given instructions about what to do in the event of an air raid siren. But that is exactly what Karen and Amanda experienced last week as they joined with Adonai Roi Congregation for their Shabbat service.

They have just returned from a self-funded trip to Israel to visit the ministries supported by Your People My People and were encouraged to see how the local believers are growing in their faith, making a difference in their families and communities.
Meeting with Dan from Dugit, Tel Aviv

They visited six different ministries and had the opportunity to hear first hand, the passion and desire of the leaders to transform their nation for Yeshua (Jesus).

"Every day, we visited with local believers, hearing about their daily struggles but also about the Lord’s faithfulness in the midst of heartbreaking situations. What a privilege to witness how God is building up a remnant in Israel with their eyes fixed firmly on Him."

Look out for the reports from this trip in future newsletters. We will introduce you to the local Israeli believers and share with you about some of the projects you can get involved in. We will also be sharing updates and prayer needs from the ministries we visited. 

Amanda and Karen with the Secretary of a local Congregation
"The people we met with asked us to send you a BIG thank you for standing with them in prayer and finances. They really appreciate all you do to help them and want you to know your prayers make a difference!"

Keep praying for our brothers and sisters in Israel and the ministries they are involved in for God's Kingdom.