Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Holocaust survivor receives food vouchers
When the Helping Hand Coalition representatives arrived at Holocaust survivor, Olga's house, her fridge was almost empty. All that remained were a few spoiled fruit and vegetables that she knew would need to last a few more days before she could afford to buy more groceries. When she received the supermarket vouchers, her eyes filled with tears and her face broke into a smile as she exclaimed, "And you friends, arrived as a blessing from heaven and an answer to my prayers!"

Helping Hand Coalition seeks to offer practical help to Holocaust survivors living in Israel. Many of these elderly heroes are living below the poverty line. Supermarket vouchers help to ease some of these hardships and the friendly, warm personalities of the HHC staff also bring a ray of sunshine into the homes of the survivors they are visiting.

During September and October, the Holocaust survivors received extra supermarket vouchers to buy special food for the Jewish holidays. HHC staff and volunteers visited the survivors in their homes and there was much joy and warmth as the elderly and their young visitors shared time together. They were especially touched by the consistent visits and care around the Jewish Holiday time and the vouchers that enabled them to join with the rest of society and buy traditional holiday food.

Holocaust survivors and volunteers celebrate Rosh Hashana
Around Israel, special events took place for Holocaust survivors to celebrate Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year. A beautiful hall was prepared for a banquet, music performed and dancing was enjoyed by everyone.  These special gatherings help to lift the spirits of the survivors and get them out and mixing with other survivors.

HHC has also recently been coordinating talks between an Israeli Knesset member (Israeli MP) and businessmen from the USA, to discuss ways to help Holocaust survivors with eye and dental care. The talks have been very productive and a number of significant ideas that came out of this meeting will be developed in the coming months.

During each distribution, HHC is aware they have lost some of these precious people, survivors they have befriended with incredible life stories. Staff still make a point of visiting the spouses and families of Holocaust survivors who have recently died, sharing in the pain of their loss. Time is running out. Your People My People wants to help this group of people who have suffered so much in life and we are touched by the impact this Israeli organisation is making in the lives of Holocaust survivors in their last days.  By supporting the work of Helping Hand Coalition, we can make sure survivors are receiving visits and help on a regular basis from believers who care!