This Year Was Different

We love to hear about opportunities the Lord opens up to share the truth with those we meet. This report from Adonai Roi Messianic Congregation in Tel Aviv, shares about a recent encounter with University students from overseas.

"For the third year in a row, our Associate Pastor, Shmuel, was asked to address a group of students visiting Israel from a major university in the United States about Messianic Judaism and the persecution that Messianic Jews face in Israel.  Two professors, an Orthodox Jew and a Quaker, led this group whose purpose is to expose the students to the various minority groups in Israel.  Shmuel shared about the history of Messianic Judaism, going far back into history to explain how the rift between Judaism and Christianity developed, even though Christianity began as a Jewish sect in the first Century.

What made this year unique from previous years was the direction our conversation with the students took.
In years past, the presentation focused primarily on historical and theological points, and left little time to speak of our personal relationships with the Lord.  BUT this year we were blessed to share the Gospel message; Yeshua being our ultimate sacrifice and atonement for our sins – THE LAMB OF GOD!

Praise God that about 20 students were listening and asking questions about the Messiah Yeshua.  It was refreshing to speak to students in an academic context where the Good News was proclaimed.  We thank God for such opportunities that the Lord is opening for us to share the Good News of Risen Messiah Yeshua.  Praise the Lord!"