Holocaust Memorial Day 2013: Build A Bridge

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Imagine waking up to find that the neighbours you have known all your life and even sat next to at school, now walk past you without stopping, now forbid their children from playing with yours, now spit at you and even attack you.

Imagine having nowhere to turn, that the walls are closing in and that there is no escape. Imagine that you have done nothing wrong, yet you are to be punished nonetheless and no one will stand by you.

On Holocaust Memorial Day – 27 January 2013, the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust are asking us to remember and stand by those who were forced to live through these experiences.
"The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2013 is Communities Together: Build a Bridge. We are asking you to remember those communities which were destroyed during the Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. By taking inspiration from the past, celebrating difference and ensuring respect for all you can Build a Bridge in your community and help to create a safer, better future." Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HMDT)

The Memorial Day on 27th January is an opportunity to remember the terrible history of the Holocaust and also to consider our role in our own communities today. Let us be bridges to reconciliation and understanding within our communities, committed to never let anything like the Holocaust ever happen again.

Check out the HMDT online bridge where you can pledge your commitment to Build a Bridge in your community. Click the link under the picture to write your name on the Bridge.

The following Survivor story highlights the importance of the community standing together with those who are persecuted. Without the bravery and kindness of her neighbours and friends Blanche would probably not be here today to share her story:

"...One day at school, the headmaster called me into his office and said, ‘You know there’s a war on?’ And I replied, ‘Of course I do.’ By then I was ten and knew what was happening. He went on, ‘Well, [your friend] Mona’s mother came to see me today and said you have to go back to their house this afternoon. Your mother and father are there as well.’ So I went back to Mona’s after school. My mother was sitting crying and my father was pacing up and down, looking worried. Mona’s mother said, ‘Don’t worry, Blanche, you’re going to stay here with us for a few days. We’re going to hide you because we've heard that all the Jews are going to be rounded up.’ That was in October 1943..."     >> READ MORE

Your People My People partners with Helping Hand Coalition, helping Holocaust Survivors in Israel. If you would like to join with us to offer aid and dignity to these Survivors in their final years CLICK TO DONATE