Vision For A Mission

Eyal is an Israeli believer, living and studying with an outreach training facility in the Midlands.  His passion to share the gospel and to learn effective ways to communicate his faith, brought him to the UK to attend a programme of study designed for those with a heart to reach out with the good news of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah.  Your People My People has been assisting Eyal with some of his expenses during his studies and has been excited to share with us his reports along the way.

When a Jewish person comes to faith in Yeshua, it is not always well received by their family, so when Eyal shared the following news, we understood his excitement:  “It means a lot to me to give all my life to the will of our God.  Every morning I meet with a group for prayer and we have been praying especially for the people in Israel, my friends and family too.  My mum has already shared with me that when I go back to Israel to visit, she will come with me to my Congregation!”

Face painting for the children
Eyal has been involved with 10 day team trips to serve in Congregations in the UK.  During the summer they worked with one church to hold a Holiday Club for children, showing the Lord’s love through drama, puppet shows, singing and dancing, telling Bible stories and doing crafts together.  The children were from believing and non-believing families and Eyal was able to have deep conversations with them about how much Jesus loves them.  They took time as a team to learn how to serve the Congregation they were working with that would bless them, ministering to the elderly and also going out into the city streets to share the gospel.

Coming to the UK to study has not been a completely easy transition for Eyal.  The large differences in culture, not to mention changing from Hebrew to English, have been a big learning curve to say the least.  But Eyal’s passion and belief that this is a God given opportunity, have motivated him to persevere and work hard, particularly with the language barriers.  “God is giving me the opportunity to use my gift to share with others, both believers and non-believers, about the deep faith that He has given me.  To approach people and begin a conversation about this precious subject is something that comes naturally to me and leaves me with no doubt that it’s a gift from Him.  All the glory to God!”

Eyal is currently praying about joining a 5 month team trip through Europe that will focus on evangelism, “It will be an opportunity to share the gospel and tell about Jesus and what He has done in our lives in order to bring more workers into His Kingdom.  There are a lot of spiritually rich people in the programme who have lots of experience, who I hope to learn from for future places that the Lord will call me to serve in.”

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