Adopt a Group of Holocaust Survivors

The Problem

'Warm House' in Sderot, Israel
Thousands of Holocaust survivors immigrated to Israel in the 1990s from the Former Soviet Union. They were survivors from the ghettos and other atrocities of world war II. Most of them speak Russian and a high percentage of them were intellectuals - artists, composers, writers, managers, teachers etc. Today these immigrants are concentrated in different towns and cities throughout Israel. Due to the horrific things they experienced during the war, this large group of elderly Israelis need special care on a personal level, in relationships with their families, on an economic level and also on a social level. Often, other holocaust survivors are the only people they can truly relate to as even their own families cannot really understand the terrible experiences they had to live through. Memories suppressed during busy working lives can resurface during retirement without any sense of relief. The unique issues of this group of people if left unaddressed leads to isolation, loneliness, depression and poverty.

The Solution

'Beit Hamim' (Warm Houses). A nationwide network of home groups meeting once a week, each home group catering for 15-30 holocaust survivors. The group is taken care of by a local coordinator.

Basic Principles

'Warm House' in Katzrim receiving winter blankets

  • Establishing an active social support network for each holocaust survivor
  • Giving a sense of belonging and purpose for each person
  • Meetings of 'Self Help' groups for specific issues
  • Help with coping with loneliness and heavy loss
  • Financial support for underprivileged members of the network


Birthday Party at 'Warm House' in Kiryat Ata, Israel

  • Weekly coffee mornings with refreshments
  • Shared Lunches and Dinners
  • Celebrations: birthdays, Israeli and Jewish holidays
  • Social activities: tours, conferences, cultural events: music, poetry, games, films, lectures
  • Visits by youth groups from Israel and overseas


German Youth visit 'Warm House' in Or Akiva, Israel

1,000 'Beit Hamim' (Warm Houses) Home Groups covering every city and community in Israel.
Currently 50 'Beit Hamim' are operating.


The 'Beit Hamim' (Warm Houses) Home Groups are run by a joint partnership 50% of the finances provided by social services, 25% from local councils and 25% from overseas sponsorship through 'Helping Hand Coalitian

Financial Needs

Total Expenses
'Warm House' in Rehovot, Israel

For each Home Group the expenses include:

  • Start up expenses
  • Weekly activities
  • Special events 
  • Financial support for individuals

It costs over £3,000 per year to keep one of the 'Beit Hamim' (Warm Houses) operating.

25% of the expenses are raised by Helping Hand Coalition from donations from Christians around the world. The remaining 75% of costs are covered by local social services and local government.

Helping Hand Coalition (HHC) need to raise £65 per month to keep one Home Group operating.

Would you 'Adopt a Warm House'? HHC are looking for churches, house groups, prayer groups or individuals who want to do something real and practical to help holocaust survivors in Israel. By adopting one of the 'Beit Hamim' (Warm Homes) you can help to provide this vital lifeline. Many communities are still without 'Beit Hamim' - many more are needed. Time is running out - Holocaust survivors need this support network today to provide them with dignity and support in their final years. Contact us if you would like to set up a monthly donation to 'Adopt a Warm House'.


Watch this wonderful video of German youth visiting and building friendships with Holocaust survivors in a 'Warm House' in Or Akiva, Israel.