HOPE for Israel

It’s not every day you meet an Arab woman who loves Israel, but while visiting the country at the end of last year, we had the privilege of spending time with Rania Sayegh, a passionate follower of Jesus and a passionate advocate of God’s plans for her precious homeland.

As an Arab child growing up in Israel, Rania was not naturally encouraged to love the Jewish people.  If anything, by the time she had grown, Rania was struggling with a crisis of identity.  She felt like a second class citizen, that the Jewish people did not like the Arabs and felt they were a burden on society.  It was not until God gave her a revelation of His heart for Israel, that Rania found a love began to grow in her own heart, for Israel, for the Jewish people, and a passion for God’s purposes in her country was born!

Nazareth today
Today, Rania is the director of HOPE – House of Prayer and Exploits, based in her home town of Nazareth.  She shared with us, “Nazareth is like a womb – it is here that the Holy Spirit conceived the plan of salvation within Mary, and once again, Nazareth has a part to play in revival being conceived for this nation.”

To this end, Rania has developed many opportunities for prayer in HOPE.  Each month they have a 24 hour prayer watch, recording testimonies and what God says to them via journal and video, followed by 4-7 shorter prayer watches each week.  40 – 50 people attend the 24 hour watches, mostly young people.  Seeing this desire in the youth to be involved, Rania also has weekly events for them, focusing on prayer, intercession and the working of the Holy Spirit.  Each week, teaching is provided on various aspects of prayer, and those who wish to be trained for worship are given ample opportunity and access to music lessons.  Special workshops are held providing training in the area of healing and Rania also mentors 3 ladies that are on the ‘staff’ of HOPE.

GDOP in Nazareth
Rania is also involved in National events, bringing a large contingency of Arab young people to the annual Elav youth event in Tel Aviv, and organizing the Global Day of Prayer each year in Nazareth.  The GDOP now brings together Jewish and Arab pastors and congregations to worship and pray for their nation, their government, and to intercede for healing and reconciliation between the ‘sons of Abraham’, Jew and Arab as one new man.  “It is my greatest joy when I see the transformation of an individual through the power of the Holy Spirit”, Rania shared during our time together.

Rania has a full time job in the Computer Science industry, holding a degree and masters in this field, and supports much of the ministry of HOPE herself.  In order for Rania to continue to grow and expand into the vision God has given her, she is hoping to take on some permanent help and needs assistance to raise the support for this.  Your People My People have decided to help facilitate this growth and would like to start by committing £100 per month to HOPE.  If it is on your heart to partner with us and Rania in this venture, please click here.

As part of the expansion, Rania is also believing for HOPE to become a registered charity/non-profit in Israel.  Please pray that the paperwork for this goes through smoothly and quickly so that the ministry is released to move forward and can continue to impact the local community and the nation with prayer and exploits! (Check out their video recap below)