Hidden Gems in Nazareth

Nazareth has some wonderful surprises that the average tourist to Israel never sees. We were privileged to experience two of them during one of YPMP's ministry trips to Israel. Hidden away down an unsuspecting alley was a gem of a restaurant serving tasty arabic food in a beautiful old villa. The surroundings and the food were amazing. We sat enjoying the rich Middle Eastern flavours and ambiance together with another hidden gem, Rania Sayegh, the Director of HOPE (House of Prayer and Exploits), as she shared her heart about prayer, Israel, and the youth of Nazareth.

After the meal, Rania led us through another maze of alleys and stairways to the place where HOPE meets. An apartment has been converted into an oasis for prayer. The former living room is now a place where believers can gather to pray and intercede. Around the room are sofas and a stack of plastic chairs for extra seating. The walls are adorned with banners and prophetic pictures. The apartment is on the side of a hill and the balcony looks out over the city.

Rania is passionate about inspiring people to be on fire for the Lord and training them up to be effective for the Kingdom - spiritual warriors equipped and ready to do exploits for the Lord. She desires especially to raise up the young people. As well as teaching at HOPE herself, Rania also arranges for ministers from overseas to come and teach. The youth are hungry to grow in the Lord and were excited to learn more about praying for the sick during a recent weekend seminar on healing.

Already they have many testimonies of going out in to the streets of Nazareth to pray for anyone who has needs whether Christian, Muslim or Jewish and sharing about the amazing Lord they serve. One 23 year old, shared that they call themselves 'Ambassadors for God' and they just go out to love people no matter who they are.The youth have visited hospitals to pray and give out sweets to the children, and to do acts of kindness to witness the love of God. The Lord is raising up strong disciples in Nazareth.

Every week they come together in the evening to pray and worship and seek the Lord together. Sometimes staying until the early hours of the morning.

Every month, HOPE meets together for 24 hours of prayer and worship. They pray for revival in Israel and for spiritual change in their region. The Lord gives them scriptures and prophetic pictures which some of them depict in drawings. Rania's passion and dedication are infectious. With this army of young people, she is interceding for God's Kingdom to come as it is in Heaven - in Nazareth and throughout Israel!

During one of these 24 hour watches, the intercessors watched the sun rising over Nazareth - a new day is dawning. As the meeting drew to a close, those gathered declared over the whole Middle East, the words of Revelation 11:15
 "Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, 'The Kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Messiah, and He shall reign forever and ever!"
Sunrise over Nazareth during 24 hour prayer meeting

Your People My People would like to recommend the ministry of HOPE to you.  Please pray for Rania as she continues to raise up young people as 'Ambassadors for God' in Nazareth.  If you would like to financially support this important work, please click the 'Donate Online' link towards the top of this page.