Peace in the Middle East - it does happen!

Jewish soldier and Palestinian body builder breach the gap!

Last year, hundreds of Arab, Jewish, Palestinian and international young people converged on Hangar 11 at the Port in Tel Aviv and did what Governments and politicians have been trying to get these people groups to do for decades in the Middle East - they became friends!

Hundreds of young people come to worship
The news media does not often report good news, and even less when that good news involves faith in Jesus.  But since June 2007, Israeli and other youth from around the world, have been coming together once a year to attend Elav, a 3 day Youth Conference in Israel.  They worship, they pray, they hear good teaching, they hang out and they build relationships with each other.  This is the upcoming believing generation in Israel, one that is being encouraged to be passionate about their faith, and to be passionate about their friendships.

Since 2009, this Conference has been called ‘Elav’ (unto or towards Him) and has the potential to become a nation changing event.  This year they will be gathering in the city of Haifa on 17th - 19th August.  For Israeli youth, attendance is free for as many as the organisers can raise sponsorship for.  It costs £150 to sponsor 1 teenager/young adult to attend the three day event, including food, lodging and transportation to and from the sessions.

Arab & Jewish youth pray for each other
Would you like to be a part of helping  a young Israeli to have this opportunity, to grow in their faith, to build lifelong friendships that can truly bring unity and peace within their diverse national cultures?

Your People My People wants to support as many youth to attend as we can raise sponsorship for.

One gift of £150 will send one young person
Five gifts of £30 will send one young person
Ten gifts of £15 will send one person

Click the ‘Donate online’ link on the website or return the ‘Make a Difference’ form with your cheque.  Mark the gift with ‘ELAV’ and 100% of your donation will help sponsor an Israeli young person to attend this year. 

Peace in the Middle East?  Yes, why not!