Update on Tikvat Yisrael School

Earlier in the year we shared with you about the exciting vision of Tikvat Yisrael (Hope of Israel) School - the project of establishing the first Messianic school in Tel Aviv.  The desire is to provide children with a quality education that includes an integrated biblical world view in their daily instruction.  Their heart is to see the total development of each child – spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally, culturally, and physically.  In Israel, there are only two other similar schools that exist, but in Tel Aviv, the population centre of the country where 60% of the people live, a school like this has not yet been founded.

At the time of writing, it was hoped that the school would be ready to open in September this year.  Creating a Christian/Messianic educational institution from the ground up in the “Jewish State” was expected to be a challenge. The Board have seen their fair share of delays and there will no doubt be plenty of hurdles in the future, nevertheless, their biggest challenges right now are logistics and finances.  They recently learned that they are no longer able to open the school in the facility that had been offered for free, after being informed that the owners would have to pay around £3k a month in extra taxes if the school opened there. 

Having to search for a new location and needing to start over with a new budget has unfortunately produced a significant delay in the projected opening date, from 2013 to 2015.  Please continue to pray for the Board of Tikvat Yisrael School as they work steadily toward its establishment  Their vision is to have a school that values excellence, “This implies that we must do our very best from the start. As a result, we want to have everything in place from the beginning to ensure the continuation of the school for years to come.”