A Lot Going On in Tel Aviv!

Returning to visit the staff of Dugit and Agape Ministries, was like going home to family.  After having worked together in Tel Aviv for over a decade, it was heart warming to see the familiar faces of long standing friends and exciting to meet some new staff members face to face for the first time too.  We were so happy to spend time with many of them individually, sharing hearts and encouragement and reassuring them of the prayerful support being sent their way from many of you back home. 

Dugit Outreach Centre
Under the umbrella names of Dugit and Agape, you will find a cluster of vibrant ministries in downtown Tel Aviv, overseen by Avi & Chaya Mizrachi.  The longest running and most commonly known is Dugit Outreach Centre, a place where visitors are offered free coffee, free literature, and  friendly staff with a heart to share the gospel with those that come in.  We were delighted to hear how they had recently taken two new believers down to the beach to immerse them in the sea as a sign of their new found decision to follow Yeshua!  The staff also run ‘Dugit Live’ events several times a month with local and visiting believers playing  live music, or giving  art exhibitions and other such creative ideas, that give a variety of opportunities for the artists to share their faith in Yeshua through their different mediums.

Street Outreach
Adonai Roi Congregation is also a vital part of reaching out to Israel’s largest secular city.  Here you will find an indigenous Hebrew speaking congregation filled with young families, singles and the elderly alike.  The worship teams are mostly young people, some of whom write their own songs and music -and excitingly they have all come together to start working on the production of an Hebrew worship CD!  They have a growing Shabat (Sunday) School and active youth group, along with gatherings organised for the young soldiers in their midst.  We were very interested to learn they are currently working with an Arab congregation, planning a central city outreach in Haifa at the end of the year.  “We believe that as we go out together, Jews and Arabs, local believing Israelis, and share our faith, that many will be touched as they see the love between us.”
I was touched by their request for prayer for this event and was reminded of Yeshua’s words recorded in John, “If you love one another, then people will know that you are my disciples.”  Let’s pray with them that this outreach is effective and brings many hearts into God’s kingdom!

All bagged up and ready to go!
For many years, the poor and needy in Tel Aviv have been welcomed to Agape Distribution Centre, where they could receive food and clothing and a warm, friendly reception.  Due to high costs, the DC had to sadly give up its rental accommodation just a few months ago.  Undeterred however, the staff relocated the operation to the front room of their office space and, even though they had to downsize greatly, they are still offering food to between 10 and 20 families once a month.  They were delighted to share with us how, because of a generous donation for this ministry, they were able to give out many food vouchers recently for the special holidays to those in need.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa
VIP - Very Important Prayer - these are the words the Lord laid on Avi Mizrachi’s heart as he named the Prayer Room run under their ministry umbrella. Three years ago it was an empty office space on the 12th floor of a called The Lighthouse - today it is a beautiful sanctuary for prayer, worship, and the presence of God, overlooking the vast city-scape of Tel Aviv.  Many evenings in the week you will find various groups of people holding prayer watches, people from different ministries and congregations, all able to make use of the VIP Room.  During the day individuals and groups also come and use the room to bring their intercessions before the Lord.  Open to all believers, the staff reminded us how they hope the VIP will be operational 24/7 in the future, to keep “building  an altar of prayer and worship for breakthrough in our city of Tel Aviv - Jaffa!”

So next time you find yourself in Israel, be sure to include this important city in your itinerary.  We know the local believers would love to have you visit and would be so encouraged to know how you pray for them and believe with them for breakthrough in their home town!

The Staff