God is Alive & Well in Israel!

Todah - Spasiba - Shukrahn -  Merci - Gracias - Djienkuyeh - there are many ways to say it in Israel but the sentiment was the same - “Thank you for standing with us, partnering with us, praying for us, visiting us, encouraging us, blessing us!”

What a great joy and privilege it was to take your love and greetings to the Israeli Believers when we went to visit in early September, to encourage them with assurances that there are many Christians here in the UK and across the world that are praying for them.  The staff and leaders in the ministries we support were especially grateful for the practical way you have sown into God’s Kingdom in Israel, empowering the work of the ministry and spreading the message of salvation in Yeshua through your financial gifts. 

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing with you more specifically from the various ministries we work with in Israel and also write about some of the events we attended, including a Jewish wedding.

We are honoured to have partnered with you and what God is doing, as we labour alongside each other and the Israeli believers in the harvest field! 

 “You have enlarged the nation and increased their joy; they rejoice before You as people rejoice at the harvest”  Isaiah 9:3