Walk with Me

‘As they pass through the Valley of Baka (Valley of Tears),
    they make it a place of springs...’

As we sat and listened to Ahuva* share her heart and vision for the terrorised families she works with, we saw a woman who knows from first hand experience, what it has been like to walk through the Valley of Tears, and see it become a place of springs – even springs of hope! 

Ahuva works with around 70 families, all who have also had first hand experience with terror – acts of violence committed against a family member by people wishing to incite fear and terror, often motivated by a political or religious agenda.  Today’s media labels these kind of people ‘terrorists’.  And the violated ones become terror victims, individuals and their families who are detrimentally changed from that moment on.  

Because of her own experiences, Ahuva well understands the difficult journey after such an event, and began working with some of these women and their families. For almost 10 years now, she has been helping them find their way again after suffering such devastation.  The trauma of having ones personal safety torn away, often leaves the victim in a death like trance, unable to handle basic daily functions like cooking meals or paying bills, surrounded by fear and devoid of hope.  Through the organisation of Springs of Hope, Ahuva has been able to facilitate healing and restoration to these families, by forging deep relationships and providing practical opportunities for them to ‘learn how to live’ again.  “I believe it is transition time for these women.  They have come so far.  It's time to move from being ‘victims’, to be more than ‘survivors’, but now to become ‘overcomers’!”

Jerusalem Marathon
To give practical demonstration of this kind of transition, Springs of Hope is organising a sponsorship event called
‘Walk With Me’.  Jerusalem Municipality holds an annual marathon, and at the end of March next year, Ahuva is asking the women to walk a section of the marathon in order to make a statement.  “When they cross the finish line, it will be a symbolic act of moving past their victimhood, of completing this part of the journey.  They are ready to begin being mentors themselves, to own the operation of Springs of Hope, to stop taking now and start investing in others who need their help.”

Ahuva’s passion for this opportunity was evident.  “We want people to come from the nations to walk with us!  We need sponsorship – donations for the right shoes and clothes.  Lack of finance often means poor eating habits and lack of nutrition.  I would like to get these ladies into a gym, to feed them a good meal the night before the walk.  We will have a launching party the week before at Purim for those who are willing to do the walk.  Volunteers are welcome to come early for the launch and help us paint some of their homes during the week, to connect and get to know the people that they are walking with.  It is transition time for us, to move forward and work with those who will cross over and continue the journey.”

We came away from our visit with Ahuva encouraged and inspired to share with you some of the many opportunities there are to serve the vision of Springs of Hope at this time.  From sponsoring a pair of shoes or so much per kilometre for a particular member, to personally participating in ‘Walk with Me’, if it is on your heart, let us know how you would like to be involved, to partner with those:

‘...going from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.’ 
Psalm 84:6-7

*Name changed