A Cry From The Heart Of Nazareth

Jewish and Arab believers praying for each other in Nazareth

Arab and Jewish Israeli believers in Yeshua (Jesus) came together in the city of Nazareth to pray in unity for their Nation. This strategic prayer gathering organised by ‘HOPE (House of Prayer and Exploits) and ‘The Convention of Evangelical Churches in Israel’ has become an annual event, and this year took place in September. Joining the Jewish and Arab locals were believers from 15 nations, including representatives from the Chinese underground church movement.

The meeting began with the blowing of four silver trumpets to the four corners of the earth. Worship was led in Arabic, Hebrew and English. There was much joy and dancing as well as intercession for Israel and the Arab and Jewish people groups.

Near the end of the meeting, the local believers were called to the front and the visitors from the Nations prayed over them. It was a very powerful moment. The Lord is preparing his Bride and she is getting herself ready!

Arab Pastor Andrawos Abu Ghazala 
Mayor of Nazareth

Blowing Silver Trumpets
Foreigners from 15 nations joined the local believers

Believers from the Nations pray for the Arab believers in Israel

Jewish believers join their Arab brothers to receive prayer 

Arab and Jewish Believers praying for each other

Crying out for the Nation of Israel

Avner Boskey, a Jewish Messianic Ministry leader
David Demian, an Arab Christian born in Egypt with a heart for both the Jewish and Arab people
Worship in Arabic, Hebrew and English
Rania, Director of HOPE (House Of Prayer & Exploits) - Nazareth