Of Bus Bombs and Bones

In early Nov 2013, pictures flashed across media screens in Israel showing the remains of Yasser Arafat, exhumed for forensic tests:

“My phone rudely rang at 7 am. I ignored it. It rang again and again.   By 7.30 the unwanted invasion had won.  I answered.  My entire day changed.

Jerusalem Bus 19 explosion
“ Did you see the pictures of Yasser Arafat’s bones?” Leah* asked.  I could tell she was breathless, in a panic.  Leah has climbed back from a deep black hole where she, like Joseph of old, was thrown the day her loving husband and father to her four young children was murdered on a bus as he went to work in a hospital kitchen.  Her husband was being buried, while her Mother in law threw her and her children, minus their possessions out onto the street and claimed the dead husband’s house as her own.

“ Did you see how black the bones are?  Is that what happens to bones?  I thought my Shmulik* was still a body, I have never thought of him as black bones.  How did that happen?  Where is he?  Where is his soul?  How did his body disintegrate?  Was he eaten alive down under the ground?  Can we take his bones up, clean them and put them back again?  Will you help me do this?”
It does not take much to trigger the memory, to trigger the pain, to take a person back to an open grave with a body covered in a prayer shawl which is being tipped into the damp soil.  Most lay the required stone on the grave and walk away.  Leah is still there, beside, if not inside the grave. Who will help her to walk away?”

Springs of Hope is a Jerusalem based organisation that assists the recovery of families personally impacted by acts of terror, usually involving the loss of a close loved one.  In March this year, they are organising ‘Walk With Me’, a sponsor powered event that will give people like Leah the opportunity to join a team of ‘terror survivors’ as they take part in the annual Jerusalem Marathon.  The idea of moving past
their victimhood, of getting up and walking forward into life, is dramatically represented by completing part of the Marathon and crossing the finish line.  For some, they are ready to walk out their healing and begin using their experiences by investing in other terror victims.   The Springs team members are being encouraged to get sponsors and get involved, to help raise funds to help bring healing to so many others in 2014.
They are inviting people from the nations to come and ‘walk with them’, either in a literal sense or in partnership through sponsoring someone like Leah to take part.

If you would like to sponsor a Terror Survivor - click here
If you would like to join the Springs Team at the Jerusalem Marathon in March 2014          - email us

Jerusalem Marathon
*Names changed