It Takes a Whole Community to Raise a Believer

“On the quiet calm streets of a Shabbat morning in Tel Aviv, the first notes of the piano can be heard. The worship team is practising, seats are being set, the headphones are being charged, the coffee is brewing, and families from Tel Aviv are gathering together to glorify God and study His Word. All rise to sing The Sh’ma, the ancient Jewish prayer from Deuteronomy 6 that declares our God’s Oneness and blesses his Glorious Kingdom forever! This is Adonai Roi Messianic Congregation where we are making disciples and building a community in Israel. “

In 1996, Adonai Roi (The Lord is my Shepherd), a Messianic Jewish Congregation led by Avi and Chaya Mizrachi, began with a few people meeting together in a private home. People were coming to faith at Dugit Outreach Centre and they needed to know what it meant to follow Yeshua. Now it has grown into a vibrant community. “Every Saturday morning, the service provides a place for the local Body of Messiah to hear a short teaching from the week’s Torah portion, to raise their arms and voices in worship, and to listen to a message that the pastor has prepared. Above all it is a community of young and old that is seeking to live their lives as disciples of Yeshua and to grow together in Him.” 

Since 2008, Adonai Roi has been a “homeless” congregation; a tabernacle of God that has moved from a dedicated meeting hall, to a local park, and to the basement of a youth hostel. It has moved 4 times in the last five years and currently meets in the foyer of Beit Immanuel, an historic hostel run by believers in Jaffa.  “While moving from place to place has had its difficulties, the Lord has been with us wherever we go! Please pray with us that the Lord may plant our congregation in the Land with a permanent home. As he gave individual allotments to the Tribes of Israel, may He give us our lot and provide us with a new home.”

 The mission statement of Dugit and Adonai Roi has always been to preach the gospel and make disciples, and in so doing, Adonai Roi has become a diverse and growing community.  Recently, Orit* came into Dugit Centre with questions about Messianic Judaism. She was an immigrant from Romania who works as the manager of an hotel in Tel Aviv not far from Dugit. After having a nice conversation, Dan, the Outreach Director, invited her to come to a Shabbat service at Adonai Roi. She came early and was moved by the worship and amazed by the message, which spoke of Yeshua’s presence in the Tanakh (Old Testament). When the offer was made for the congregation to
step forward and receive prayer, Orit came too, “wanting to know more.” She spoke with Avi, who shared with her the message of the Good News. Right then Orit confessed Yeshua as her Lord and Messiah!  “We are blessed to have a congregation filled with men and women, zealous for God, and it is our desire to see each one of them grounded in the Word of God and prospering in their calling. Apart from our weekly Congregational meeting, we also have regular home groups that build our Body on a more personal level.” 

Pastors Avi and Shmuel also get together regularly with a group of young men to train and disciple them.  “It is vital to have such times of Bible Study, Prayer, and Fellowship so that these “Children of God” may mature and fulfil what the Lord has commissioned them to do. Please continue to pray for our young and growing Body of Messiah at Adonai Roi Congregation, that each member will find their joy, strength, love, hope, and identity in the Lord!”

Adonai Roi is a young, vibrant congregation building a foundation for the future body of Messiah in the Land. The core of the congregation is under the age of 40, including young married couples, both with and without children, singles and youth. This young group of believers is passionately committed to God, possessing a heart to establish a strong congregation and transform the society in which they live. Some of these young congregants are gifted musically; displaying their talent by playing in the worship team on Shabbat, at a Dugit LIVE event, or during other outreach or prayer gatherings. Others are gifted in areas of teaching and prayer, sharing the weekly Torah portion, teaching Shabbat school or organizing prayer meetings in the VIP Prayer Tower. This group has great potential to have an impact on Tel Aviv and the wider Israeli society, please keep them your prayers!