It All Starts With A Cup Of Coffee

Sharing the Good News of the Gospel is the driving passion of a shop-front outreach ministry in the heart of Tel Aviv's shopping district. Come on in and see for yourself:

"The glass door opens, and you take a step inside. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and ground beans fills the air. A young man with a big smile greets you. You sit on a comfy couch or around a table with friends, and you are handed a warm cup of coffee, completely free of charge. For a moment, you escape the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv. After a few sips a friendly face approaches you and asks about your day. Without pressure or obligation, he joins you to listen, talk or pray with you. You can stay for as long or as short as you like. Whether you are a believer or not, someone is there to meet you where you are. This is Dugit: It all starts with a cup of coffee!

Avi Mizrachi
In 1993, at the urging of the Holy Spirit, Avi & Chaya established Dugit Messianic Outreach Center as a place to reach Israelis with the Gospel and to disciple them to become strong believers; rooted and grounded in the Word of God. Dugit (meaning Small Fishing Boat in Hebrew) invites Israelis to hear the good news of their Messiah over a free cup of coffee and also hosts groups from around the world to minister and do outreach on the streets of Tel Aviv. Dugit exists to be a light for a city in darkness. Many of the regulars who come to Dugit in the daytime usually have nowhere else to go. Often they are without a job or have drug or health-related issues. Here, they’ll find rest and a place free of pressure or judgment. Most importantly, they will find people filled with the love of Yeshua.

Victor's Testimony

Victor* immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union 15 years ago with his mother and brother. From the moment he first came to Dugit he asked deep questions about faith and Judaism as he had spent a few years of his childhood at a Yeshiva (school for future Rabbis). After talking, Moti suggested that they meet on a regular basis to study the scriptures and search for the answers to Victor’s questions. Twice a week, Moti and Victor sat together, discussing, debating, and exploring what the Bible says about the Messiah. After two weeks of intense study, the Lord moved Victor’s heart and he prayed to accept Yeshua as his Messiah and Saviour. Following a meeting with Pastor Avi, Victor was immersed in the Mediterranean Sea. Hallelujah! With a big smile, and a heart full of joy, Victor praises the Lord wherever he goes. He now attends Adonai Roi congregation, and is very thankful to be in a growing fellowship. Today Victor continues to come to Dugit weekly in order to study and strengthen his faith. He often encourages other people and tells them about Yeshua. Recently, another regular at Dugit told Moti, “I want to be like Victor. He used to be sad and now he is happy, reads the Bible, and loves the Lord!”  We pray and believe that Victor will bear great fruit for God!

Dugit LIVE: Music for the Lost Sheep

As the sun sets on the Mediterranean, Dugit’s lights dim, candles are lit and snacks are put on the table. The normal coffee shop outreach turns into Dugit LIVE. Inside, people are enjoying live music that speaks of God’s Love and Freedom. Vocals, violins, pianos, guitars, drums, and even the occasional ukulele join in the symphony of sound. Outside, volunteer artists paint words of Scripture and images of hope for everyone walking by to see. It's a joyous atmosphere with warm conversation flowing loudly over the din of a Tel Aviv evening.

Dov's Testimony

Dov*, an Iranian Jew, is an older man. Throughout his life he has suffered from a variety of medical problems including severe headaches. The first time we asked to pray for him in the name of Yeshua he said, “No!” However, a week later he had warmed to the idea and asked for prayer.
The time of prayer calmed Dov and gave him a sense of relief. He soon began to come for prayer regularly . After a period of time, he accepted Yeshua as Messiah and was recently immersed in the Mediterranean Sea. Praise God! Please join us in praying with and for Dov, our new brother in Messiah. Pray that the Lord will heal him completely from any illness and build him into a mighty man of God!"

Tel Aviv is undoubtedly a city in need. The city and its surrounding area contains more than a third of the population of the State of Israel. The state of this city reflects the state of society at large. There is a dearth of workers reaching out to the lost, but the harvest is there.

Dugit is doing a wonderful work in the heart of this city. Pray that this ministry would continue to shine as a beacon of truth. Pray for Dan and Moti and the other staff as they serve each person that comes in. Pray for Avi as he manages this work. Pray for Dugit LIVE evening events and the other outreach ventures this ministry is planning. 

*Names changed