United & Free - Elav 2014


¦ towards Him ¦

- seeking God's heart - worship - prayer - teaching - fellowship -  

hundreds of Jewish, Arab & International young people together in one place

"Three days of encountering His presence as we give ourselves to Him!"

"A place to transform the youth and the city"
"Walls come down and the Glory of God shows through the love and unity"
"You are the hope of Israel! You have a destiny to be Kingdom shakers as the Lord releases his power"

Haifa 5-7 July
Be part of what God is doing in Israel today!

If you would like to sponsor Israeli youth to attend their national Elav Conference this year, please click the Donate Online button at the top left of your screen.  UK donations can be Gift Aided through give.net.  Each young person needs to cover their transportation, accommodation, and food.  This year, the costs have been reduced to help enable more youth to attend:

One gift of £75 will send one young person

Five gifts of £15 will send one young person

Ten gifts of £7.50 will send one person

If you would like to watch and read more about Elav, click the links below: