Dugit On The Street

“Recently, I was informed by the Landlord of Dugit Centre that we have to pack our books and coffee and move out...” 
This was the shocking news that Avi Mizrachi, the director of Dugit, received when he met the Landlord with the expectation to renew their lease on a small shop front in busy central Tel Aviv a few months ago.  Finding a new place takes time and the Centre had to close within the month, so there was only one thing they could do - take Dugit to the street!

Israelis are hungry and searching for the truth and Dugit experienced that first hand as they joined the Haifa Outreach campaign last December, giving  out thousands of Bibles and literature. As the days get longer and the sun gets hotter, Israelis begin to relax and have more time to sit, talk, and listen to the Good News.  With the summer months rolling in, it is the perfect time to have more of a presence on the street in Tel Aviv’s beach front metropolis.

“Street evangelism is an amazing way to meet many more people who are open and interested. Our Dugit evangelism team has already developed a new summer schedule that will have them praying together and going to the streets almost on a daily basis. We will also continue collaborating with the efforts of other congregations in our area. It is a great way to
unite the Messianic Body as we work together with the same heart; to see the lost sheep come home! We are also hoping to keep Dugit Live going regularly and are searching for a place to host the event. Pray that we as brothers and sisters in the Messiah will be bonded together for this season and the seasons ahead, as many more Israelis will be coming to faith.

“One of the main staples at Dugit are the regular Bible studies, with new Believers and with those seeking. They are the perfect venue for asking questions and looking to the Word of God for the answers. Our team has decided to keep these studies going by moving the location to a local coffee house. While not as comfortable as Dugit Center, where we could sit for hours, it still allows us to build up these new Believers in the knowledge and truth in God’s Word. Perhaps others will see and join in on the discussion!” 

Your People My People has worked with and supported this ministry for many years.  Would you join us in praying for Dugit during this transitional time?   Yeshua said in Matthew 9, “Ask the Lord of the harvest to send our workers into His harvest field.”  Pray for these will workers in the harvest field, that their labours will produce much fruit for God’s kingdom in Israel!