Critical season for Israel and the Muslim nations

We just received a prayer update from our friend and faithful prayer warrior, Rania Sayegh, director of HOPE - House of Prayer and Exploits in Nazareth. This is a strategic time to pray for Israel and the Arab nations. Even while there is talk of a ceasefire to the current conflict, it is important for us to stay spiritually alert, knowing that the battle for 'souls' is key to seeing lasting change in the Middle East.

Here is what Rania has to say:

"In the midst of wide spread reports from the news stations, we are seeking the Lord's heart and perspective to see how to pray and stand in the land carrying His heart for both Jews and Arabs. It's so easy to be influenced by the media, and tend to take a stand with one of the sides. We do know that our warfare is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and rulers of darkness that are attacking our land and people, both Arabs and Jews as one.

This letter is to share a perspective and strategy to engage together as a family around the nations to worship and pray, to see victory and breakthrough for Israel, the church and the Muslim nations in this season. 

An explanation about this season:

Most of you know that the Jewish Temple was destroyed twice: once in 586 BC and again in 70 AD. There is also something called ,"The Three Weeks" which is called “dire straits.” Following is an explanation:

The Three Weeks or Bein ha-Metzarim (Hebrew: המצרים בין, "Between the Straits") (cf "dire straits") is a period of mourning commemorating the destruction of the first and second Jewish Temples. The Three Weeks start on the seventeenth day of the Jewish month of Tammuz — the fast of Shiva Asar B'Tammuz — and end on the ninth day of the Jewish month of Av — the fast of Tisha B'Av, which occurs exactly three weeks later. Both of these fasts commemorate events surrounding the destruction of the Jewish Temples and the subsequent exile of the Jews from the land of Israel. According to conventional chronology, the destruction of the first Temple, by Nebuchadnezzar II, occurred in 586 BC, and the second, by the Romans, in 70 AD.

Often brides do not marry during this time. It is a time of reflection, sobriety and mourning. Many Jews also fast for 25 hours on the 9th of Av.  The dates for this time of mourning change every year. In 2014 which is 5774 on the Hebrew calendar, the dates are from July 15, 2014, Shiva Asar B'Tamuz, ending on Aug. 5, 2014.

(For more detail on 9th Av, click: 10 Reasons for the 9th – A Disastrous Anniversary)

Prophetic revelations about the season:

We believe whatever happens in the land of Israel, is a picture in the natural of what's going on in the spiritual realm, manifesting in reality for God's people. We do know that we are in a season of warfare, and the Holy Spirit wants to impart revelations to the army of God to prevail and breakthrough for this crucial season for Israel and the church.

The Lord has given me several prophetic visions about Iran as we have been watching this nation since 2005. One of the main revelations He shared with me in a vision is, that in the moment the principality falls off Iran, the veil of Islam will be ripped over the Muslim world, and we will witness the greatest harvest among the Muslim nations church history has ever witnessed! I kept praying for Iran during these years, believing the Lord for the appointed time for this vision to start unfolding.

During Feb this year,

I had a vision while praying in Jerusalem, where I was taken into Mecca in Saudi Arabia, then I saw a big crack in the Kaaba stone from top to bottom. I knew then the Lord was calling me during this time to intercede for the Muslim nations as well as for Israel. My sense was that the crack in the stone that I saw was showing the deep foundations of Islam are being shaken and at the verge of destruction and fall.

Prayer strategy:

Despite the intensity of the warfare around us here in the land, we are sensing a greater level of grace and presence of the Lord being released in our midst. The greater the darkness the greater God's presence is manifesting in our midst (Isa 60:1). The Lord has been graciously releasing to us His strength and endurance as well as grace for the battle we are engaged in.

We are releasing a trumpet call to the watchmen in the nations for 21 days of prayer for Israel and Muslims nations, beginning July 15th to Aug 5th. The enemy operating is trying to release the spirit of death, destruction and terror in the Middle East, using fanatic Muslim groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS in the region.

Worship will release His glory and presence over the Middle East for Kingdom advance, ultimately that will manifest with great harvest among the Muslim nations. 

David had 5 stones when he went to fight Goliath (1 Sam 17).  When he threw the stone towards Goliath, it hit his head which brought about the final death of this giant. I would encourage you to unite with us in 5 decrees as we pray over Israel and Middle East, believing as we release our decrees and prayers (throwing stones), the Lord Himself will fight the battle for us:

'And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saves not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD'S, and he will give you into our hands.'
(1Sa 17:47)

1. Passionate worship to the Lord, through worship in the Spirit will release revelations and wisdom for the battle in this season. (Amos 9:11), (2Ch 20:21–22)

2. Prophetic decrees for the prophetic destiny of the Arab nations - Ishmael’s seed. (Isa 60:7), (Gen 17:20)

3. Pray for protection over Israel & for the peace of Jerusalem. (Psa 83), (Psa 122:6)

4. Decree that the veil of Islam shall be torn off the nations and those who walk in darkness shall see a great light. (Isa 25:7), (Isa 30:12-14)

5. Decree the release of the fear of the Lord and His power over the Middle East. (Psa 110:3), (Acts 2:43)

Thank you for standing with us in this crucial time for kingdom breakthrough!

With you on the wall,

Rania Sayegh
House Of Prayer & Exploits - Nazareth Israel"