On Jordan's Banks...

We love to share testimonies from the Believers in Israel who are reaching their nation and following after Yeshua (Jesus). This report is from Adonai Roi (The Lord is My Shepherd) Congregation that meets in Tel Aviv:

"A few months ago we were approached by a young man from our congregation,  he asked us about being immersed (baptized) and its importance. Little did we know, as we began counseling him and preparing him for immersion, that six others would come forward and asked to be immersed as well. As a united community we packed up our entire congregation on a Shabbat, put them on a bus, and trekked east to the River Jordan, near Jericho, so that we could join together and celebrate the immersion of these six individuals. Hallelujah! What an amazing sight to see young believers fully dedicate their lives to the Lord and to be filled with His, joy, love, and everlasting life. Please pray that these men and women will go even further in their walk with the Lord, as they learn to hear His voice and walk with Him daily.

Lilach’s Testimony

Lilach* was one of the new believers who was immersed this month and we are excited to share her story. Lilach was born into a large Messianic Jewish family who immigrated to Israel from North America when she was quite young. As the youngest of six children, she watched her siblings grow up, accept Yeshua, and learn what it means to follow Him. While Lilach knew the Lord was real, she still felt drawn to the ways of the world and preferred to spend more time with her school friends than with the believing community. She chose to follow her own will and really live for herself. Only recently, after finishing her service in the IDF, did she come to realize that the ways of the world did not fulfill her or make her happy. She began to attend Adonai Roi with several of her siblings and soon accepted that Yeshua was to be the only Lord of her life and decided that she wanted to be baptized. With tears of great joy she dedicated the rest of her life to the Lord as she was immersed in the River Jordan in front of the entire congregation. Praise the Lord!  
* Name Changed for Privacy Purposes

After the immersions, the congregation picnicked just up the road at Ein Mabua where a small
stream flows through the dry hills of the Judean desert and creates a beautiful oasis with tadpoles swimming in the spring and the smell of peppermint plants growing in the wild. This quaint and quiet place was serene as our congregants ate together, played with their children in the stream, and swam with one another in the nearby watering hole. May we all walk together in unity and in a life dedicated solely to the Lord Yeshua."

Pray for Adonai Roi Congregation and for Pastors Avi and Shmu'el as they lead them into a deeper walk with their Messiah. Lift up all the local Congregations as they bring the light of Yeshua to their communities.

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