Strong Nations in Jerusalem

“ Yes, many peoples and strong nations
Shall come to seek the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem,
And to pray before the Lord.”
Zechariah 8:22

Nestled in the hills between the Carmel mountain range and the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), is the city of Nazareth.  What may once have been a village, is now a warren of busy streets, shops and markets, full of Jewish and Arab residents and businesses, churches, tourist buses and holy sites to visit.  Nazareth is also where you will find HOPE!  House of Prayer and Exploits is run by Arab believer Rania Sayegh, a woman that Your People My People has come to respect as a pioneer for prayer and reconciliation in Israel.  She is a gifted international speaker who shares about God’s passion for her nation, Israel, how the Arab and Jewish believers are coming together, and some of the prophetic prayer strategies she believes God has given for this time in Israel.

Here is some of the recent news Rania has shared with us:

Women of prayer
“The Lord has sent us during April to a very strategic prayer assignment in the Land for 20 days travelling around the land to pray over borders and strategic places to decree prophetically what The Lord was sharing with us. We had 4 women joining me in this, 2 American and 2 Chinese. It was profound and significant revelations The Lord was releasing to us to pray for the nations and for the land of Israel in such crucial season. 

Praying at the borders
Prayer watches at HOPE
Also I have been gathering pastors and leaders in HOPE for strategic time of prayer and sharing, urging the body of Christ in the Land to get together to build closer relationships and learning to be family. I have been in the core team planning the gathering that is going to take place in November this year where thousands are going to gather to seek The Lord in Jerusalem.  It's called 822 Call, from Zachariah 8:22. The gathering is going to take place from 10th -13th, with Arab pastors who adopted the vision to come together as we unite with our Jewish brethren to seek The Lord with the nations of the earth in Jerusalem. 

Also our work in HOPE is continuing with mentoring the youth and training, teaching and gathering for prayer every week several times as well as our monthly 24 hours. We need support in Prayer for youth as we step into this coming season.”

YPMP supports Rania and the ministry of HOPE.  Please pray for her as she works with the Jewish and Arab pastors to help spearhead 822 Call, along with many international leaders.  Pray also for Rania’s work with the youth in Nazareth, that they will be a light to their city, and salt on the streets as they boldly follow Jesus.