War News from the Believers

As you will have heard by now, there has been much media concerning  Israel's response to the great escalation in the daily rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel.  At YPMP, our heart is to connect you with the local believers in the Land, so we want to share some of the reports and requests we have been receiving from throughout the country:

"Thank you for your prayers. I am up north at Katzir, a youth camp with over 120 young people, very close to the border with Lebanon  So far it is a safe area but this morning (Fri 11th Jul) there were rockets from Lebanon . Please pray that the situation does not escalate to include Hezballah in Lebanon. We might have to stop the camp and send people home . Also my wife is home in Tel-Aviv with 3 small children, one of them a new born. Please pray for their safety and for the innocent people on both sides. 
~ Pastor Shmuel Salway - Galilee

Please remember to keep our children in prayer as this war by Hamas and the Islamic Jihadists continues to escalate. Pray for their safety as they continue going to schools, daycare and some even to summer camps as the rockets continue to fall. Pray for wisdom and peace for each one of their parents at this time to know how to continue leading their children in the ways of God. As our secretary of Dugit was today getting prepared to leave for work, an air raid siren was sounded. She and her children ran to the bomb shelter just as the booms were heard. As she looked around to make sure everyone was there she noticed her 8 year old boy quite shaken, still with his toothbrush in his mouth in the middle of brushing his teeth. She explained to him and the rest of her children that their trust should only be in the God of Israel and nothing else."
~ Dugit Outreach Centre - Tel Aviv

"Due to a huge barrage of hundreds of rockets from Gaza, Chaim and many other reserve soldiers have been called up to defend this country and help restore security.  Please God restore peace so our husbands, brothers and fathers can stay home with their families!"  
~ Deanna M - Tel Aviv

"Due to a huge barrage of hundreds of rockets from Gaza, Luke and many other reserve soldiers have been called up today to defend Israel. Please God restore peace so all of them can be safe back home soon with their families!"  
~ Andre G - Ceasarea

"Sirens going off and 3 or 4 booms heard. I took the photo from our balcony. Small white area is where the rocket was intercepted.  It may have landed in the sea but maybe the Jaffa port area if not shot down. 
~ Pam H - Jaffa

"Dear praying friends, Please join us in prayer and fasting as we stand in alert for the sake of our land. Let's be aware not to take sides, but only God's side. The Lord wants Jews and Arabs living together in love in this land. We were born to be one family under His banner of love.  Let's declare that all evil schemes of the enemy to stir murder, hatred and war and accelerate and escalate the situation between both sides will be cancelled! Pray protection over Palestinian and Jewish homes from death and destruction!"
~ Rania Sayegh, HOPE - Nazareth

"Things continue to escalate in the land, and in the past few days, sirens (red code alerts) were heard over most parts of Israel, the north included. In Gaza life has become unbearable for the citizens as well.  
We continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude as we see God's protecting hand over Israel, when hundreds of rockets were shot (aimed at our cities), killing none, and leaving only a handful of physically injured civilians! That is a true miracle. However, many do suffer from stress and post trauma symptoms.
We would like to ask you to join us in prayer, as we will hold a joint prayer and intercession meeting at our congregation. The meeting will be for all Galilee congregations both Jew and Arab! Our prayer is that God will fill the place with His reconciling presence and glorify His name through the one new man in Him!"
~ Congregation in the Galilee

We have not heard any first hand reports from the believers in Gaza at this time, but in the past, such times of turmoil have sometimes intensified the persecution against them.  Please pray for their protection, for the protection of innocent lives in Israel and in Gaza.  

Please pray that 'what man intends for evil, God will turn about for good, and for the salvation of many lives'!  (Gen 50:20)