Sandwiches in the Park

Your People My People have worked in partnership with Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre in Tel Aviv for many years.  As we have shared before, Dugit has had to temporarily close the Coffee Outreach Centre and put their belongings in storage. This unfortunate action was due to the unwillingness of their landlord to continue their lease because he did not approve of their “activities” - in plain language, he did not approve of his premises being used to share the Gospel!  Closing the doors on the Outreach Centre could have been understood as a hopeless situation, but for the staff, they saw it as an opportunity from God to strengthen and increase their street outreaches.

During the recent conflicts, the staff have looked for creative ways to continue their passion of sharing the love of Yeshua to the citizens of Tel Aviv.  Here is a recent report of how they’ve been getting on:

“Dan, our outreach director, took initiative and began to give food to those who are homeless, spending their daily lives on the streets in the south of Tel Aviv. With the help of some faithful volunteers, fifty sandwiches were lovingly made and prepared for distribution. Afterwards, Dan took these sandwiches out to people who were drunk, high on drugs, or sleeping on the curb side. The sandwiches were well received along with the message that God is love, and Yeshua is the Saviour of Israel! Here is what Dan had to say:

“It was so good to see some familiar faces, some of them even remember us from the Outreach Centre and were very happy to see us. There were also several refugees from Sudan and Eritrea who live in the park and it was a good opportunity to give them food and to share the love of God with them. One man specifically from Eritrea was interested in hearing the Gospel, and a few members from the visiting group were able to share with him the Good News. We are praying that every seed that was planted will bring much fruit into the Kingdom of God!”

“It is only by the grace of God that in the midst of both our building dilemma and political crisis we have been able to continue our mission to preach the Gospel to the people of Tel Aviv! We have had to get creative, but some amazing new opportunities and partnerships have presented themselves. One of which has included partnering with another local ministry to reach out to the central bus station. Like many bus stations around the world, it is an area of heavy drug activity and prostitution. We have also scheduled regular witnessing outreaches along the beach area and the shopping district.

“Another interesting development is that our outreach team has been invited to join with and train a youth camp to do outreach in the city of Tel Aviv. What is so amazing about this outreach and camp is that the youth will consist of Jewish, Arab, and other international children. Imagine, all of these nations witnessing to the youth of Tel Aviv together! What an awesome testimony to have both Jews and Arabs showing and sharing the love of Messiah with their peers! Please be in prayer about this special event that hearts would be opened to the Gospel, and the seeds planted. The Harvest is ready in Tel Aviv!”

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