In Need of Bones!

Administration - not the most inspiring of words to many it’s safe to say.  Thoughts of repetition, boredom and stifled creativity come to mind  for those who are least motivated to live by structured organisation or careful planning!  There are, however, some who embrace the concepts of such ordered environments or methods with delight and joyful anticipation, and find the art of good administration a source of much peace and fulfilment.  Yes, administration can be considered an art by some!

Admin may get a bad rap from many, but in fairness, much of our vision and creativity will never find a way to be fulfilled without it.  We could compare it to the skeleton of our bodies - all the vision, passion and creativity we wish to express in physical movement is seen from the outside, but without the skeleton to support and provide structure to our skin, muscles and sinews, our ideas and expressions would simply be a big fleshy puddle on the floor!  Administration is not supposed to be a black hole where freedom and passion are swallowed up - it is a tool by which our dreams can take shape and form, in order to come alive!
Behind many a successful visionary or entrepreneur, is a good administrator.  Someone who is gifted to create and maintain the form and structure that will give substance to the dream, not only as it is pioneered, but also as it grows and develops.   Good administration will expand and flex and adjust within the vision, allowing the mission to move forward and become more than ‘the sum of its parts’.

Through the work of You People My People, we have increasingly become aware of those with a God given vision and mission, but are finding it hard because of a lack of help with administration.  It’s not as difficult to raise money for people who are preaching the gospel, helping the poor or fighting for a just cause.  But how inspired are we when asked to give so someone can be paid to handle emails, mailings, newsletters, reports, accounts, websites...?  Without someone taking care of everyday and routine tasks, these responsibilities become burdens, left to the one carrying the vision.

In 1 Corinthians 12:28, Paul is listing the kinds of people God has gifted the church with:
“And God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrations, varieties of tongues.”
Various translations use other words like governments, managers, organisers, provide guidance, those who can get others to work together, and those skilled in administration, to translate the Greek.  The point being, ones who perform such tasks are just as much a spiritual gift from God as any of the others listed here.

Many a Pastor, CEO or Director will tell you the value of a good administrator.   They know they can keep building and growing because the body is supported and structurally sound. We know several ministries we work with in Israel right now who need exactly this kind of help, local people that God has already gifted the Body with but are not yet released to serve, simply because the resource is not there to pay them.  Would you pray with us that there would be a breakthrough of funding for these ministries, so that this vital need can be provided for?  As Paul also said in 1 Corinithians 12, we are all part of the one Body of Messiah.  And it is only as we all participate that the Body is enabled and empowered to be all God created us to be!

If you would like to help financially support this area of need, please
click here to donate and note your gift as ‘administration’.  One off donations are always a blessing,  and a regular monthly donation would enable us to commit to long term support of an administrative worker in Israel.  Thank you.