Let It Rain

When the landlord refused to renew the lease for Dugit’s Messianic Outreach Centre because of their ‘activities’, he was successful in getting them to close their doors.  He was, however, totally unsuccessful in getting them to close their outreach into Tel Aviv.  With renewed focus and increased determination, Dugit has continued to reach out to Israelis with the good news of their Messiah.  We recently received this good news report from Dan, Dugit’s Outreach Coordinator:

“Shai* is an Israeli man whom I first met at Dugit. I remember him coming into the coffee house and having lots of questions about the New Testament and about what we really believe. He is a native Hebrew speaker, but wanted to study the bible in English. At the time, he had just finished reading the book “Pilgrim’s Progress”  by John Bunyan which had sparked something in him to find out who God really was. During this time, I was able to share some of my personal Faith experiences with Him.  He was interested, so I gave him a bible to read and also invited him to the student bible study that meets every Tuesday evening.

“After a few months of coming to the bible study and also going to a local fellowship, Shai ended up receiving Yeshua as his personal saviour and is now an integral part of the bible study. Shai has even begun to serve by leading us in worship on the guitar.  Let us thank God together for his work in Shai’s life.

“It is for stories like these that I look forward to re-opening our outreach centre/coffee shop.  I have been stopped many times by locals asking ,“What happened to Dugit?”.  I am so thankful for our supporters around the world that are believing with us to reopen this centre for Evangelism.  May many more come to salvation through your love and support!”

Tel Aviv is well known in Israel as a very secular city, but Dugit’s director, Avi Mizrachi knows that the harvest is ready.  He recently had this to say about the unusual weather patterns they have been experiencing across the country:

“Just before the big snow in February, we had a terrible sand storm.  As strong winds blew in from the Sahara, the pollution percentage in Israel rose to 40%!  For 24 hours the government instructed us, “Try not to go outside much because it has been the highest pollution we have had!”  All of Israel was encouraged as the meteorologists said that after 24 hours the winds from the west would come bringing clouds with heavy rain that would clear all of the air.  The weather experts exhorted us to “Please pray that it will come quickly!” and it did!

“Heavy clouds came and poured out rain and snow like we have not had for years.  We all watched closely as all of the Mountains of Israel received snow.  Even in the south in Beersheba!  The rest of the country also benefited from the heavy rains that came and cleared the pollution away.”

The pollution paints a vivid picture of the spiritual atmosphere over the city and the team at Dugit are praying that God will send in the ‘heavy rains’ to bring refreshment, cleansing and clarity to the people of Tel Aviv.   We’d like to encourage you to join them as they pray for their city and continue to share the gospel and bring in the harvest!

“Be glad, people of Zion,

    rejoice in the Lord your God,

for he has given you the autumn rains

    because he is faithful.

He sends you abundant showers,

    both autumn and spring rains, as before.”    Joel 2:23 

*name changed