Pursuing God's Heart in Jerusalem

"Hundreds of teenagers and young people coming together to worship God is, in itself, newsworthy.  But when you know that this is taking place in Israel with Jewish and Arab youth, it is time to sit up and pay attention."

Every year, the ELAV conference brings young Israeli Arab and Jewish Believers together with Christian youth from the Palestinian Territories and Jordan. Together, they worship God, intercede for their nations and study the scriptures. Barriers come down as they join forces in the name of Jesus/Yeshua and they make new, unexpected friends!

In 2015, ELAV will take place in Jerusalem on 8th to 10th July. Join with us in praying for this unique opportunity to see Jewish and Arab youth coming together in unity.

Watch this highlights video from one of the previous years:

Check out some of the testimonies from previous years in the linked articles below - God is alive and active in Israel - let's join together to support what our Heavenly Father is doing:

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