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With the help of supporters like yourselves, we are able to assist Israeli believers who are reaching out to their nation with the love of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah.  Your People My People has had the honour of working with Shmuel and Suzie Salway for many years as they have been pastoring young people and adults alike through their ministry roles as Assistant Pastor in Adonai Roi Congregation and Staff Manager of Dugit Outreach Centre.

The beautiful Salway family
Shmuel & Suzie are also involved in mentoring and discipling youth at a national level.  Co-managing Katzir, a youth discipleship camp run 3 times a year during the school holidays, they host around 150 young people, training their leaders and managing the camp.  The youth come together from all over Israel, hungry for worship, to learn from the Scriptures and encourage one another in their faith.  And at the end of the last camp, they also had the joy of immersing one of the young people that wanted to affirm their desire to follow Yeshua!

Bar Mitvah Torah reading

Purim fun!
Congregational life has kept them busy over the spring with Bar Mitzvahs and baby dedications.  It takes several months to prepare a young boy or girl for their Bar Mitzvah and Shmuel was able to meet regularly with those coming of age, to study the weekly portion of the Torah together that they would be asked to read out at the ceremony.  Alongside their regular services, Israeli Congregations love to embrace the different festivals in the Hebrew calendar.  A particularly fun event is the annual Purim celebration.  Everyone came in fancy dress and Shmuel shared about 'Finding God in the Esther Story'.  Shmuel and Suzie are currently planning a trip for the Congregation to spend a weekend away together in the Gilboa area. 

When we last talked with Shmuel he shared with us about a young Israeli man he was discipling:  “Immanuel* is a successful business man who owns a bar in a trendy part of town. He had an American girlfriend but one day, she told him she could not be his girlfriend anymore because she was a follower of Yeshua and shouldn't date non-believers. She also left Israel to go back to America. He was very shocked and wanted to know why and find out about her faith. He met some believers who shared the Gospel with him. He came to faith and was immersed. His girlfriend had started attending Adonai Roi Congregation before she went back to the USA, so Immanuel decided to come to Adonai Roi to learn more.

"I have been discipling him," Shmuel continued, "and we meet regularly in my office to study the bible.  One day, his sister asked him about his new faith and he brought her with him to our discipleship study. She had many questions but was very curious. She had problems in her life so I asked if we could pray in Yeshua's (Jesus') name. She said yes and let me pray for her. I also gave her a bible and asked her to read it. I am continuing to meet with her and her brother and she is very close to accepting the Lord as her saviour. Please keep praying for both Immanuel and his sister. Thank you for supporting and praying for us - we really appreciate you standing with us.”

Shmuel and Suzie have other news that they are excited about,  “A special event in our life was the 1st birthday of our 3rd child, a boy we named Sela.  Praise God for this precious life!  Our family of five is blessed to be able to build our own house in a village in the Judean hills. The house is progressing well and the exterior structure is standing. We continue to pray for God's provision for the funds required.  With God’s help, the house will be complete in December 2015.”

Please pray for this precious young family as they serve with the Leadership and help lead the Congregation forward into all the Lord has for them!  If you would like to financially bless Shmuel & Suzie, please click the Donate button at the top left and note your gift is for ‘Pastors’.  Thank you!

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*name changed