A Time to Pray

The season here in the UK is changing, and along with the cooler temperatures comes a beautiful display of colour as the autumn foliage turns green to striking oranges, yellows and reds. Sadly, the season in Israel has been turning also and the last few months have seen a reign of terror descend on the population. Even though it has not been widely reported on in the global media, over the 6 weeks following the Jewish New Year in mid September, there have been 778 terror attacks on Israeli civilians. 11 of the victims died. Hundreds of victims, along with young soldiers, have been wounded. The reports from our friends and ministries we work with have been flooding in and the collective heart of the nation is grieving. Please pray!
  • Pray that the spiritual tide of hate, murder and fear will be turned back by the strong right arm of Adonai Elohim Tsevaot - the Lord God of Hosts.
  • Pray that a spiritual tide of peace, reconciliation and love will flood into Israel, invading the hearts and minds of all who dwell in the Land and those who cross her borders.
  • Pray for the Jewish and Arab Believers, that they will be bold and effective as they work together to see their nation come to faith in Yeshua.
We are honoured to work alongside you as we labour together in the Father’s kingdom.  Thank you for standing with the Body of Messiah in Israel 'at such a time as this'!