The Arising of Deborah

24 women from Europe and North America came.  113 Arab women from all over the nation of Israel came.  They came for one weekend, a special weekend, a special event, a special time for Arab women to come and be part of the Deborah Arising Conference hosted by Rania Sayegh, director of HOPE (House of Prayer and Exploits).  “The 3 days of the conference were packed with many inspiring God moments and breakthroughs,” shared Rania.  “We saw God bringing our past into our future and our future into our past, to restore and heal it. We have seen Him pouring out His Spirit over the women in powerful ways. “

Worship for the event was led by Julie & Walt Meyer and Maurice Sklar, a talented and anointed violinist who came to bless the women and play over them as the Holy Spirit moved.  “The worship with the three of them was incredible,” Rania continued, “as we felt the presence of the Lord. He was so tangible and everyone was engaged.  The exciting part was when the Norwegian women began to dance and the Arab women were pulled in to be a part of the worship celebration. Dancing in a service is not normal for our women. We were so blessed as we experienced the release of His freedom and joy. What an amazing reality to witness!

“On the second day during the afternoon session, the Lord allowed us to experience the moving of His Spirit of Awakening, graciously uncapped this well in our Land again. He reached into our past, extracting that which is precious, and touched it with His healing power. There was a convergence of the old season with the new, which restored and strengthened us in this present time to be launched into the future. The prophetic declarations that were made empowered these modern day Deborah's to awaken and be ready to move ahead in their Land, bringing Gods healing power through His peace and love.”

The power of the Holy Spirit continued to flow throughout the conference as women received physical and emotional healing, and became impassioned to pray for healing miracles for others.  On the second night, the leaders organised a ‘tunnel of prayer’ for the ladies to walk through and be prayed for.  Rania’s passion for what God is doing among the women was evident as she described the event: “Truly the tunnel was an incredible experience of the outpouring of His Spirit. Several women experienced the manifestation of His presence; such as laughter, shaking, and falling under the power of the Holy Spirit, which was an unusual experience for many.  Many came through the tunnel several times hungry to be touched and filled. Seven women were baptized with the Holy Spirit, being prayed for and touched by no one other than Holy Spirit Himself. “

Times of practical and anointed teachings flowed along with the Holy Spirit all weekend and  Rania spoke of the spirit of unity and love among the women during the conference that was so real. “We have witnessed so much happening in the Spirit that a little booklet would be needed to scribe everything. We have heard dozens of testimonies of how the Lord touched these women and what a  great impact the Conference has been on their lives.  I believe we have seen the Lord birth a new move of the Spirit among the Arab women in the Land, a movement of Deborah's that had heard the trumpet call of awakening to rise as mothers into their destiny and go through the door of HOPE into their future!

Rania also had a special word for those around the world who helped make the Deborah Arising Conference happen:  “On behalf of the HOPE family and the Arab women of the land, I would like to thank each one of you, our International partners and family, who stood with us in intercession and gave financial gifts to make this conference possible!”

Your People My People wholeheartedly supports HOPE in Nazareth and would also like to thank those who gave sacrificially to sponsor the attendance of some of the Arab women.  If you would like to be part of what God is doing through the ministry of HOPE, please click the Donate link at the top of the page!

Testimonies from Deborah Arising Conference:

Worship Leader Julie Meyer:
"I was so blessed to be able to be at Deborah’s Arising.  I saw beautiful Arab women – young and old who came to encounter Jesus.  In times of worship their voices sang strong with many times of joyful dancing would break out with everyone dancing around the room. I saw tender hearts. I saw passion to grow as a believer in Jesus. I saw women after women walk through the prayer line and come through again until she felt the touch of Jesus. I was so blessed and my heart awakened yet again for those beautiful daughters whom Jesus loves so much.  I saw hunger, I saw women asking for prayer to learn to pray more and longer, women wanting prayer to walk in forgiveness. I was wrecked by their passion to love Jesus..I went to Israel to bring teaching and worship praying that each woman would be encountered by the Spirit of the Lord – but I was also the one encountered because the Lord let me see His love and His Good and great destiny for these Arab women.”

Speaker Dotty Schmitt:
"To have participated in this strategic Arab women's conference is a definite highlight in my walk with the Lord. The hunger and receptivity of the women made room for the Holy Spirit to move in power and anointing. The atmosphere became filled with His Presence. The prayer tunnel on Saturday night was especially precious as many of the women entered into a deeper experience of the Holy Spirit! Thanks Rania to you and your team for making this life-changing event possible. We are expecting lavish fruit to be flowing from the lives of all who attended!!"

Speaker Briskilla Zananiri:
"A sincere privilege was experienced when we were invited to join the celebration of "Arab Deborah Arising" conference. During these 2 1/2 days there were so many "God moments" that a little booklet would be necessary to scribe everything fairly.  Truly the beauty of God's daughters is intoxicating! 

Witnessed was the hand of God equipping is by releasing unity, freedom, worship of joy, exhortations, healing, power encounters, renewal of commitments, encouragement, refreshing, confirmations, family advice,  courageous challenges, corporate prophetic decrees, impartations, friendships established, good food with conversations, laughter, and so much more.

Everyone is excited and anticipating further direction from the Lord, for the next corporate step to be taken. We are also excited to see how the Lord will open the doors making room for many more to join this movement of "Arab Deborah's Arising."