"For Such A Time As This..."

An opportunity to bless 

Arab Christian Women Leaders 

in Israel

We are so thankful to everyone who helped to support the Arab Deborah Arising Conference last year. Rania, shared with us that she received sufficient funding to cover all the costs - God is faithful!

Rania and HOPE (Nazareth) are organising a follow-up women’s conference called “For Such A Time As This” to specifically train and empower 60-70 Arab Christian Pastor’s wives and women leaders from 20 local churches, to minister and intercede in the power of the Holy Spirit.

"What we are sensing for the February gathering, is a time to equip, train, and empower the women. We are seeing how events are accelerating in the Middle East. Therefore it's time for the army of Arab women whom God is calling for such a time as this, to understand the times and seasons we are living in, and also to seek the Lord corporately for His strategy, pray and decree His heart in order to begin to move and march as intercessory power in the land." - Rania Sayegh,  Director of HOPE House Of Prayer and Exploits, Nazareth

Would you like to help us bless these women? 


Current Prayer Needs: 
  • For every women who wants to attend - all hindrances removed - release from their family obligations.
  • For wisdom and strength for Rania and HOPE staff preparing for the logistics of the conference.
  • For wisdom and God's heart be revealed to the ministry team as they prepare for the conference and provision for all their needs.
  • For the financial needs to be fully provided and met by the end of Feb. 
  • For strength, health, and protection for Rania and all involved in preparation, and for their families. (Full healing for Rania’s mother who is currently recovering from surgery.) 


will Sponsor an Israeli Arab Woman to attend 
             the 3-Day Leadership Conference