Crowned For A Purpose.... Part 2

Last month, we wrote about 'For Such A Time As This...',  an amazing conference for Arab Christian women in the north of Israel. In Part 2, we share more testimonies from the women who attended:

In March, Your People My People, joined around 80 Arab Christian women leaders for a conference in the north of Israel entitled, 'For Such A Time As This...', through worship, teaching, prophetic acts and prayer ministry, the women were encouraged and inspired to step up into their destiny as change-makers, for such a time as this.

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"The HOPE staff, the local Arab women of the land and I are so grateful to our global family!", shared Rania Sayegh, the organiser of the conference, "Without your prayer support and generosity, we wouldn't be able to witness His plans and the desire of His heart manifest among our women in His land. Truly!!... This gathering of women was an unprecedented time in the presence of the Lord, and it was a time of powerful encounters with His heart and the fire of His love!" 

Arab women leaders from different regions in Israel were personally invited to attended this strategic conference. They were joined by a ministry team of international leaders with a heart to bless women and release them into their calling. Two Messianic Jewish 'mothers of Israel', Chaya Mizrachi and Rachel Boskey, joined the ministry team to pray for and bless their Arab sisters. 

"The speakers and the personal ministry times were an incredible blessing to all the women. The unity that the Lord formed among us as we sought His face together in prayer, sharing hearts, and fellowship for two days prior to the conference became like a battering ram, releasing the power needed for the breakthrough," continued Rania, "The Lord surprised us with the revelations and instructions He gave, with the intention for us to follow His heart into what He wanted to accomplish in this strategic time around the feast of Purim. The Lord's desire was to raise up an army of Arab women who would embrace their destiny and possess the land, as they partner with Him through intercessory prayer and serve Him as laborers in the harvest. The Lord began to speak to me about the His desire to crown the women as His royalty and His warrior bride. Our Norwegian sisters felt to bring the crowns from Norway, so they purchased seven crowns to be used during the crowning ceremony." [read about the crowning ceremony in "Crowned for a Purpose: Part 1 CLICK HERE ]

"As we continued to seek the Lord further, prior to conference, He spoke about the overcomer's anointing mentioned in Revelations 2:17, where the Lord promises to give those who overcome a white stone with a new name written on it. He instructed me, along with the HOPE team, to prepare 90 white stones for this conference, all to be engraved with new names. What a joy it was to seek the heart of God for these names, which we in turn had engraved on 90 white stones. Each name represented destiny and calling."
White stones engraved with new names and scriptures

"The joy was the opportunity to witness as each woman chose a stone, during the crowning & anointing ceremony carried out by the ministry team. As stated earlier, the Lord wanted to crown the women with His glory and position them as His royal priesthood, so they would rise up as Esther's in the land of Israel to begin to move as an intercessory power." shared Rania.

Watch this emotional testimony from the 'For Such A Time'
conference by Arab Christian, 
Lily Shihadeh : CLICK HERE
Watch Messianic Jewish leader Chaya Mizrachi share a testimony
from the 'For Such A Time' conference 
On the last day of the conference, the HOPE team felt led to declare God's Kingship over the Land of Israel. Through the shedding of many tears the women had experienced the acceptance of the King and the affirming of their identity and position in Him, as each one received a symbolic crown. Now, those crowns would be laid down in intercession for God's plans and purposes to reign over His Land. HOPE prepared 12 white stones, engraved with names of blessing for the Land from Isaiah 62. 

"We were instructed by the Lord to prepare 12 white stones," shared Rania, "which were going to be used by the Arab women leaders to build an altar for Him as a sign and decree in the heavens that we break curses spoken over our land and choose to agree with God's heart over our land and its future destiny.  During the time of crowning the land, we experienced such a powerful
time of praise and worship, as we sang the song 'in the midst of the land, we will build an altar for you, Lord.' The joy of the Lord filled the hearts of the women, and dancing broke out all over the hall. We marched as an army with joy proclaiming His victory with shouting, praises, and joyful dancing!"

"God also desired to see the women partner with Him to decree new names which He chose over the land. This was significant for a shift in healing of our land," said Rania, "We also felt led to crown the Lord Jesus as King over our land. The crowning was by those decrees found in Isaiah 62.  In Isaiah 62, there are twelve names the Lord spoke to Isaiah for the future healing and restoration of His land. We can say the Lord has done great and mighty things in our midst. His faithfulness endures forever!"

In these photos you can see the altar being built with white stones, as well as the crowns and arrows declaring Jesus' kingship over the land.

Elin Fagerbakke, who brought over a ministry team from Norway related, "It was such a prophetic anointing over the conference and so good to participate with Rania and her team from «all over the world». Such a blessing to be a part of this ministry and gathering of women. To feel the one-ness in standing together with a ministry-team from a lot of different nations, was a great blessing. In the prophetic act of crowning of the ladies, God raised up women after His own heart. The ladies were anointed, blessed and made strong for such a time as this. The prophetic act about healing the land and reconciliation between Arabs and Jews was so important and anointed. It was a joy to feel the openness, warmth and welcoming spirit towards us from all the participating women.Thank you for letting us be a part of this and we look forward to all God has in store for Israel, His people and the ladies:-)"

Briskilla Zananiri, a ministry leader from Canada shared her own experience in the "For Such A Time As This" conference:

"Much took place during this time together in Israel.  But I'd like to focus on the prophetic act of Crowning the King of the land... Women who had one day previously been crowned as royalty with jeweled crowns... carried the desire to release healing into the land. They desired to announce Jesus as King in the nation. They desired to confess that all the kingdoms of the world would bow to the One and True God and become His alone. They partnered with Him by decreeing God's opinion over the land of Israel (specifically Isaiah 62). These beautiful locals of the land, guided by the Holy Spirit took the time to acknowledge the "Monarchy of Jesus Christ and to demonstrate the crowning of Him as King. As a visual sign of their partnership with God; white stones were prepared with the land's new names (from Isaiah 62), arrows were laid as decrees hitting their mark. Then, crowns were laid among the stones, arrows, and soil of the nation as a sign of Christ being crowned and honored. Mixed with songs, prayers, and decrees these prophetic symbols were presented to the Lord, with the knowing that He is King, and this King desired the hearts as His and the land's healing. 'The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and Christ and He will reign forever and ever.'  Revelation 11:15. The Lord is going to have an army (a warring bride) of women who will release LIFE--He who is PEACE ( healing, love, justice, truth, righteousness, joy) into their regions. I love to witness the true identity of these incredible Arab sisters shine forth in this beautiful nation called, "Israel.""

What's next?

Rania shared her vision for the next steps in this Arab women's renewal movement:
"We have been seeking the Lord about the next step in this women movement, which He has birthed in our land. I have sought the Lord desiring to know His will regarding holding a third gathering of women this September.  As we have received several confirming words from different people, as well as a prophetic dream (which was given to one of the Arab women Intercessors), we felt to go ahead with Arab Deborah's Arising #2 conference. The dream was revelatory, containing clear direction of a deep message for the upcoming gathering of 'Deborahs'. 

"We are aiming to invite between 120 and 130 women (who have been ministering or desiring to be released to be used by God) from 23 local Arab churches in the land of Israel. The gathering will take place in Yad Hashmona [a Messianic Village] in Abu-Gosh village near Jerusalem. We are praying and believing the Lord to use this appointed time, which falls in alignment during the month of September, a week prior to the beginning of the new Hebraic year (Feast of Trumpets). We feel this will release a corporate trumpet call for the mothers like 'Deborah' to arise in the land and begin to position themselves to rule with Him in His court of justice to stand and partner with Him to see His righteousness established in the land."

In addition to the local women, 32 International women will join the ministry team. Your People My People is honoured to have been invited to join with this team and we are excited to witness what the Lord has planned to pour out over these strategic women positioned in the Arab Christian community.

International women's ministry leaders, Pastor Dotty Schmitt and Briskilla Zananiri from the USA will be joined by Lilo Keller from Switzerland and Ruth Fazal from Canada (now living in Jersualem)

"We are anticipating a gathering of powerful company of women that will hear the trumpet call and come to the land for strategic time of prayer, seeking God's heart, worship and fellowship to proclaim His goodness in His land!", shared Rania,  "We wanted to share this with you, as we believe it's another opportunity for you to continue to partner with us for what God had started and desiring to complete in the land of Israel in this movement of women of destiny. We covet and appreciate your partnership in prayer for the upcoming conference as well as considering to sow a financial seed to help sponsor Arab women to enable them to attend this conference."

Your People My People highly recommends this event and can confirm from personal experience that it was a huge blessing to the women who attended. Each one received such a personal touch from The King, and no one left the conference unchanged. God is doing an amazing thing through the ministry of HOPE, empowering Arab Christian women, hand in hand with their Messianic Jewish sisters, to transform the Land of Israel with the Gospel!

The 2nd 'Arab Deborah Arising' conference will take place in September 2016. If you would like to sow into this event and help to empower these women to walk in their spiritual authority as daughters of the King, you can DONATE HERE